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Silixa to present at the Sixth EAGE Workshop on Passive Seismic in Muscat, Oman on 31 January – 3 February, 2016

Mahmoud Farhadiroushan, Silixa’s CEO, will be presenting on Detection of Seismic and Microseismic Events Using Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) in the “New Technologies, New Approaches” session on Wednesday, 3 February 2016, at 08:40 hrs.

The presentation will detail examples of seismic and microseismic event detection using the intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor (iDAS™). It will also reveal how further improvements in the detection sensitivity and the spatial sampling can provide a continuous in-well seismic surveillance system.

The Sixth EAGE Workshop on Passive Seismic will focus on topics and problem solutions that have a direct impact on the cost-effective application of microseismic data.

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Silixa Q4 Operations Update

Utilising permanently installed fibre optic cables, hydraulic fracture monitoring on shale gas wells was completed. Based on the intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor (iDAS™) and ULTIMA™ DTS, Silixa’s hydraulic fracture monitoring package provided real-time acoustic and temperature data to determine the effectiveness of the hydraulic fracturing process. The iDAS also recorded and identified the first microseismic content for acoustic data, measuring the frack propagation in real time, therefore ensuring reservoir integrity.

The wells will be revisited in 2016 to monitor the well for production profiling, and then over the entire lifetime of the wells, allowing for future production monitoring, seismic surveying and well integrity surveillance without further intervention.

Silixa successfully delivered the first 3D migrated iDAS seismic data from an offshore multi-well survey in the UK.

Silixa also installed the intelligent Pipeline Surveillance System (iPSS™) on a 55 km long crude export pipeline in Africa. The system provides a complete and uninterrupted pipeline coverage detecting and identifying breaches and external threats as well as providing real-time temperature based leak detection. Advantages of the iPSS system include the ability to monitor the integrity of pipelines with unparalleled sensitivity & positional accuracy on either newly installed fibre optic cable or dark fibres in pre-existing cables.

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Silixa to present at the American Geophysical Union’s 48th Annual Fall Meeting in San Francisco, California, USA, on 17-18 December, 2015

Silixa will be presenting at AGU’s Fall Meeting in San Francisco, California, USA on 17 and 18 December, 2015. The first presentation, entitled Challenges in Ecohydrological Monitoring at Soil-Vegetation Interfaces: Exploiting the Potential for Fibre Optic Technologies, will detail the methodological background to a DTS based soil moisture monitoring project carried out in the United Kingdom in 2015. It will also offer an insight into data interpretation. (Session Number and Title: H42B: Hot Spots and Hot Moments at System Interfaces: Novel Sensors and Modeling Approaches for Transforming Understanding of Catchment Heterogeneity I )

Traditional solutions for monitoring soil moisture and temperature such as remote techniques and point sensors show limitations in fast acquisition rates and spatial coverage, respectively. Hence, spatial patterns and temporal dynamics of heat and water fluxes at this interface can only be monitored to a certain degree, limiting deeper knowledge in dynamically evolving systems (e.g. in impact of growing vegetation).

Fibre optic Distributed Temperature Sensors (DTS) can measure soil temperatures at high spatio-temporal resolutions and accuracy, along kilometers of optical cable buried in the soil. Heat pulse methods applied to electrical elements embedded in the optical cable can be used to obtain the soil moisture.

A detailed analysis of the data of the same same project will be presented at a poster session titled Estimation of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Land Surface Hydrological and Thermal Processes on 18 December, 2015. (Session Number: H51D; poster title: Active Distributed Temperature Sensing to Characterise Soil Moisture and Heat Dynamics of a Vegetated Hillslope)

AGU’s Fall Meeting is the largest worldwide conference in the geophysical sciences, showcasing current scientific discoveries and technologies that ensure a sustainable future.

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Total E&P to present on DAS acquisition in a matured field during 4D at ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, UAE

On 10 November, 2015 Total E&P will present a paper co-authored with Silixa at ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The paper, entitled DAS Acquisition in a Matured Field During 4D: A Challenging Initiative with Multiple Objectives presents the results of a survey during which seismic VSP data and in-well ESP monitoring data were gathered simultaneously via a permanently installed multimode fibre.

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Silixa wins prestigious Institute of Physics Innovation Award 2015

Silixa has received an Innovation Award for developing the intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor (iDAS™), an instrument which turns a standard optical fibre into an acoustic sensor array.

The iDAS launches pulses of light into the fibre and analyses the small amount of light backscattered to determine the change in fibre strain caused by an external acoustic signal. The instrument’s novel optoelectronics architecture enables digital recording of acoustic fields with a frequency range less than 1mHz to over 100kHz at every location along either a singlemode or multimode optical fibre. Measurements can be made with a spatial resolution as fine as 1 metre. Amplitude, frequency and phase fidelity allows for numerous advanced applications.

Dr Tom Parker, Silixa’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “I am delighted that the cutting-edge technology developed by Silixa has been recognised with this prestigious IOP award. Our dynamic company shows that physics, when applied imaginatively, can help us deal with some of the world’s greatest industrial and social challenges, whether that is safely optimising oil production, or providing effective monitoring for carbon capture and storage. Silixa, like all technology companies, thrives on innovation, and we will carry on developing new ideas, solving tricky problems, and creating jobs and wealth.”

Silixa, along with the four other winning companies, will be showcasing its innovative system at a parliamentary reception on 28 October and will also attend an awards ceremony in London on 5 November, 2015.

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Silixa will be presenting at the 3rd Annual Global Forum on Pipeline Maintenance and Integrity Management in Berlin, Germany, on 23-25 September, 2015

The conference will focus on innovative inspection & maintenance strategies that can achieve cost-effective operational excellence whilst ensuring social & environmental responsibility.

Silixa will be presenting on its cutting-edge intelligent Pipeline Surveillance System (iPSS™) that utilises a single optical fibre cable and distributed sensing technology to continuously monitor oil and gas pipelines against leak and external threats to the integrity of the pipeline.

The event provides a platform for industry professionals, pipeline owners & operators, service providers and other oil & gas companies, to discuss the challenges associated with the latest standards & certifications.

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Silixa will be presenting and exhibiting at the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Houston, TX, USA on 28-30 September, 2015

ATCE, bringing together the E&P industry’s brightest minds, is one of the biggest technical conferences that provides a forum for peer-selected papers covering technical advances, best practices, and future trends in all facets of E&P.

Silixa will be presenting on Dynamic Water Injection Profiling in Intelligent Wells Using Distributed Acoustic Sensor with Multimode Optical Fibers on 29th September, 2015 at 15.45 (Room 340, Session: Downhole Monitoring, Paper number: 174865).

To learn more about Silixa’s distributed fibre optic technology please visit us at booth 4051 or email to arrange a meeting.

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Silixa enters into strategic partnership with WellDog covering fibre optic installation work in North America and Australia

The agreement will ensure that new installations in the unconventional sector will be able to benefit from Silixa’s cutting-edge distributed acoustic and temperature monitoring technology.

Mick Longton, Silixa’s Commercial Director, said: “We are extremely pleased to have signed this agreement with our strategic business partner in the United States. Our company focus is to give our clients access, through fibre optic cables, to effective and reliable monitoring services that will increase and optimise their production, extend their asset life span and bring cost reduction. This collaborative agreement will allow fibre services to be combined with the proven services supplied by WellDog, such as continuous monitoring of bottomhole pressure and temperatures, and completion optimisation. The complementary technologies will expand the options available to our clients to improve reservoir management.”

Silixa, based in the United Kingdom and operating worldwide, has a proven track record in providing distributed fibre optic monitoring solutions with high levels of accuracy on existing or new fibre installations. Silixa’s distributed sensing solutions apply the power of real-time intelligent distributed acoustic sensing (iDAS™) and distributed temperature sensing (ULTIMA™ DTS) to measure and monitor conditions within wellbores and other assets.

WellDog, an energy-focused technical services company, has built its reputation for adapting innovative technology to create practical, easy-to-adopt technical solutions for key resource evaluation and production challenges.

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Silixa will be presenting at the 42nd IAH Congress, Aqua2015, in Rome, Italy on 18 September, 2015

Silixa will be presenting on Active/Passive measurements using Distributed Temperature Sensors (DTS) for Soil Thermo-Hydraulic Characterization at 10:15 am on 18 September, 2015. (ID N°734, Session S8.5b, title: Hydrogeophysics, remote sensing, and radar technologies: innovative tools and recent development)

The event will focus on the latest technologies and their adoption for the protection of groundwater resources.

The conference will also provide a platform for professionals working in the fields of groundwater resource planning to share information on the sustainability of groundwater-dependent ecosystems, such as protection of aquifers against pollution and improvement of aquifer storage.

For more information please contact us.

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Silixa will be presenting at the SPE affiliated Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing for Well, Reservoir, and Facility Management Workshop in Napa, CA, USA on 11-13 August, 2015

Joe Greer, Silixa’s Business Development Manager, will  present on Deep Vertical Seismic Profiling Using Mulitmode Optical Fibers in a Hybrid Wireline – Lessons Learned on Thursday, 13 August, 2015 at 10.00 am. (Session 10: Areal Reservoir Monitoring) His presentation will detail the results of a walk-away and walk-around VSP survey carried out by Silixa in a 4000 m deep, oil producing vertical well in China in January 2015. The VSP was carried out as a part of a larger 3D surface seismic campaign.

Mahmoud Farhadiroushan, Silixa’s CEO, will  present on Non-Intrusive Velocity and Compositional Monitoring of Fluid Flow Along Pipes Using a Digital Distributed Acoustic Sensor System (DAS) in the poster sessions. His presentation will focus on the use of iDAS for flow metering.

The workshop will address the characterization and implementation of monitoring systems based on distributed fibre optic sensors with special focus on applications such as subsurface monitoring, field deployment of fibre-instrumented interventions and permanently installed distributed fibre optic systems.

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