Silixa enters into strategic partnership with WellDog covering fibre optic installation work in North America and Australia

The agreement will ensure that new installations in the unconventional sector will be able to benefit from Silixa’s cutting-edge distributed acoustic and temperature monitoring technology.

Mick Longton, Silixa’s Commercial Director, said: “We are extremely pleased to have signed this agreement with our strategic business partner in the United States. Our company focus is to give our clients access, through fibre optic cables, to effective and reliable monitoring services that will increase and optimise their production, extend their asset life span and bring cost reduction. This collaborative agreement will allow fibre services to be combined with the proven services supplied by WellDog, such as continuous monitoring of bottomhole pressure and temperatures, and completion optimisation. The complementary technologies will expand the options available to our clients to improve reservoir management.”

Silixa, based in the United Kingdom and operating worldwide, has a proven track record in providing distributed fibre optic monitoring solutions with high levels of accuracy on existing or new fibre installations. Silixa’s distributed sensing solutions apply the power of real-time intelligent distributed acoustic sensing (iDAS™) and distributed temperature sensing (ULTIMA™ DTS) to measure and monitor conditions within wellbores and other assets.

WellDog, an energy-focused technical services company, has built its reputation for adapting innovative technology to create practical, easy-to-adopt technical solutions for key resource evaluation and production challenges.

Image: Mike Baird,