Silixa to exhibit at EAGE 2019 in London, UK on 3-6 June 2019

Join us at the 81st EAGE Conference and Exhibition in London, UK at booth 220 on 3-6 June 2019.

We will also be presenting on Advanced Geophysical Measurement Methods Using Engineered Fiber Optic Acoustic Sensor on 5th June 2019 at 13.30 pm, in room 09.

Our Carina® Sensing System seeks to disrupt conventional geophysical surveying methods and enables the realisation of new applications. In unconventional wells, in addition to seismic and microseismic measurements, the improved low frequency response of the DAS system, down to the milli-Hertz level, is used to monitor hydraulically induced strain effects. In offshore applications, the permanent installation of the fiber optic along production and injection wells is enabling more frequent and cost-effective seismic data to be acquired. The next challenge is stepping out to subsea wells. We will be presenting the initial lab results demonstrating the benefits of the high precision engineered fiber for advanced seismic acquisition in long-tie back subsea wells using only surface optoelectronics.

EAGE is the world’s largest geoscience event that addresses key aspects of the oil & gas industry; the newest technologies, latest developments and innovative services.

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Silixa to present at the 2nd EAGE Workshop on Practical Reservoir Monitoring in Amsterdam on 4th April, 2019

Join our presentation on Practical Reservoir Monitoring Using Distributed Acoustic Sensor with Engineered Fiber at the second EAGE workshop on Practical Reservoir Monitoring in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 4th April 2019.

Mahmoud Farhadiroushan, Silixa’s Co-Founder and Executive Director will present the latest field data as well as the initial lab results and the benefits of using Carina® Sensing System for seismic acquisition in long-tie back subsea wells.

Carina Sensing System with the engineered Constellation™ fibre offers 20dB (100x) improvement in sensitivity and wider dynamic range compared to that achieved with standard fibres. This provides a new possibility of acquiring high-resolution seismic images in deep water installations with no subsea optoelectronics requirement.

Garth Naldrett, Silixa’s Chief Product Officer, will also present time-lapse results of iDAS monitoring of CO2 injection into a Pinnacle reservoir.

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Silixa celebrates its seventh consecutive incident-free year

Silixa celebrates another incident-free year maintaining the highest standards of safety performance for the seventh consecutive year.

“Everything we do across our company starts and ends with safety,” said Glynn Williams, Silixa’s CEO. “We invest significantly each year in health and safety and our commitment to safe operations within our own facilities extends to our customers’ sites. Safety is our top priority, a responsibility we take very seriously.”

The Silixa team continuously conduct safety audits on all locations to ensure that everyone is working safely, keeping all job sites non-hazardous.

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Silixa expands its global oil & gas presence with the appointment of Amer Khayyat

Amer KhayyatSilixa Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Amer Khayyat as Vice President of Conventional Oil & Gas. This development is a response to increased international market demand for fibre optic data acquisition services following the introduction of Silixa’s leading Carina® Sensing System which delivers the highest quality data by wireline intervention and accessing existing permanent fibre installations.

“As the global energy market faces significant change, we recognise the need for being able to quickly respond to our customer’s needs.  Our newly enlarged team will further develop and improve the quality of our data acquisition services and products, providing value-driven solutions through existing completions or intervention,” said Glynn Williams, Silixa’s CEO.

Amer brings over 19 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry having held various senior level positions around the globe with major international service companies. His expertise extends to downhole technology, wireline, drilling measurements and artificial lift in conventional and unconventional applications. Immediately prior to joining Silixa, Amer served as Vice President of BHGE’s Downhole Technology portfolio and Executive Director for the Cased Hole & Open Hole Wireline business units.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University in Providence, USA and a master’s degree in civil and Environmental Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge USA.

“I am impressed how Silixa has transformed the fibre optic sensing market during the past few years and I am very pleased to join a team that delivers ground-breaking solutions to the oil and gas market. I look forward to further expanding the repertoire of our services, strengthening both commercial and operational benefits we bring to our clients,” added Amer.

Amer is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

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