Silixa and Reliance OFS joined forces to offer enhanced fibre optic wireline installation services in Canada

The relationship will ensure that operators in the unconventional sector in Canada will be able to benefit from Silixa’s cutting-edge Carina® XwellXpress, crosswell low frequency strain and microseismic monitoring service. Reliance OFS bring a wealth of fiber optic experience and will ensure efficient operation.

Pete Richter, Vice President North Ameica, said: “We are pleased to partner with Reliance OFS in Canada. Our company focus is to give our clients access, through fibre optic cables, to effective and reliable monitoring services. Given the current market and oil price volatility, bringing a proven solution to Canada that has already demonstrated clear value leading to increased efficiency and reduced operational costs, is invaluable. We believe that this relationship will allow our clients to improve reservoir management.”

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Join our webinar titled “We listen to the Earth! From data to actionable information with Silixa’s iDAS and DTS” on 23 June 2020 at 15.00 pm (GMT)

Odam Ebokpo, Silixa’s Reservoir Engineer and Data Analyst, and Amer Khayyat, Vice President of Operations & Data Services, will introduce the market leading advances in Well Surveillance & Monitoring made possible by Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing.

Starting with an overview of the unprecedented fidelity and sensitivity of Silixa’ s cutting edge Distributed Acoustic & Temperature Measurements, Odam will give a survey of the multitude of applications of this data in solving the challenges of how to make resource extraction more efficient, safer and more sustainable across the lifecycle of a well.


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