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Silixa will be exhibiting at the annual Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, USA on 4 -7 May, 2015

Our team is looking forward to hosting you at our booth and presenting you the latest advancements in pipeline surveillance.

Silixa’s distributed fibre optic sensing makes it possible for operators to detect intrusion and locate leaks within minutes of their occurrence hence minimising the time-to-detection and bringing down intervention costs. Our intelligent Pipeline Surveillance System (iPSS) offers unrivalled sensitivity & positional accuracy which cannot be achieved using other technologies.

To learn more about our distributed fibre optic monitoring solutions visit us at booth 1067 or to arrange a meeting please contact

We look forward to seeing you!

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Silixa to present at the GeoConvention 2015: New Horizons in Calgary, Canada on 6 May, 2015

Mick Longton, Silixa’s Commercial Director, will present on the potential of utilizing the intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor (iDAS™) and existing singlemode and multimode optical fibres for monitoring reservoir characteristics at the GeoConvention 2015: New Horizons in Calgary, Canada at 3.50 pm on 6 May, 2015. (Room: Telus 101-102)

Mick’s presentation will address the recent growth in need for distributed acoustic sensing based in-well applications, such as seismic surveys, flow profiling, frack operations and identification of well integrity issues.

With the proven ability to run the intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor (iDAS) on multimode (MM) fiber cables, a large number of wells in Canada which are currently instrumented with multimode (MM) optical fiber cables for Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) can now be utilized for a number of acoustic wellbore monitoring applications including three dimensional vertical seismic profiling (3D-VSP). Mick will present examples of iDAS measurements for a number of different optical fiber cable installations and compare the results of single-mode and multimode fibers with geophones.

GeoConvention 2015 is a geoscience-focused annual convention that provides a platform for industry professionals to expand their scientific horizons within the fields of geology, geophysics and well-logging by learning about the latest cutting edge technologies.

The three day event, which includes an exhibition and a technical program, will take place at the Telus Convention Centre on 4-6 May, 2015 in downtown Calgary.

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Silixa presenting at SPIE.DSS 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA on 23 April, 2015

Silixa will be presenting on distributed fibre optic temperature and distributed fibre optic acoustic sensing for remote and harsh environments at SPIE.DSS 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland on 23 April, 2015. (Paper 9491-13, Session 4: Optical Sensing Technology for Harsh Environments II, time: 2:10:00 PM.)

Advances in opto-electronics and associated signal processing have enabled the development of optical fibre distributed acoustic and temperature sensors. Unlike systems relying on discrete optical sensors a distributed system does not rely upon manufactured sensors but utilises passive custom optical fibre cables resistant to harsh environments, including high temperature applications.

The use of Silixa’s iDAS and DTS systems in surface, seabed, and downhole applications allows a continuum of benefits extending to condition and integrity monitoring, all using the same optical fibre cable.

SPIE.DSS, the most important technical conference on optics, imaging, and sensing for defence, security, industry, health, and the environment, will host around 6,000 scientists and researchers from all over the world.

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Silixa to Attend the Third EAGE Workshop on Permanent Reservoir Monitoring in Oslo, Norway on 16-19 March, 2015

Silixa will be attending the Third EAGE Workshop on Permanent Reservoir Monitoring on 16-19 March, 2015, in Oslo, Norway.

The event will focus on life-of-field seismic using permanently installed fibre-optic cables. Permanent reservoir monitoring has witnessed a recent increase in activity with projects both in the Americas (Brazil) and Europe (Norway).

Silixa’s highest sensitivity fibre-optic PRM solutions allow for reservoir tracking in unprecedented detail.

For more information please Contact Us.

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Silixa Ltd Named as UK’s Second Fastest Growing Electronics Company in the 2014 Deloitte Technology Fast 50

Silixa Ltd., the global provider of industry leading distributed fibre-optic monitoring solutions, came second in Deloitte’s annual ranking of the UK’s 50 fastest-growing technology companies in the electronics category. The ranking is based on revenue growth rates over the last five years.

Apart from being second in the electronics category, the company’s growth rate also placed Silixa as the 21st fastest growing company in the overall category in the UK.

The Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50, internationally acknowledged as one of the most important business awards, recognises the very best of the technology sector in the UK.

For more information please Contact Us.

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Silixa announces ruggedised XT-DTS™ release

London, 14 April 2014 – Silixa Ltd announces the release of the XT-DTS, the highest performance, ruggedised distributed temperature sensor currently on the market. Designed for remote and hostile environments, the unit collects extremely fine resolution data over a class-leading operating temperature range of -40°C to +65°C.

The XT-DTS, the latest addition to the company’s ULTIMA™ DTS family, is a low power DC-operated sensing unit that matches the superior performance and reliability delivered by the ULTIMA™ DTS. With its ruggedised nature, the XT-DTS offers a new level of insight into previously unobtainable data collected in the harshest of environments.
The system can be configured and controlled remotely via a wireless or satellite link enabling remote data collection. It also contains a self-calibrating utility and on-board solid state storage.

The unit comes with four channels with a sampling resolution of only 25 centimetres and spatial resolution down to 60 centimetres over a measurement length of up to 10 kilometres. The XT-DTS™ has a minimum measurement time of 5 seconds. It achieves a temperature resolution that is better than 0.1oC at 5 km in less than 3 minutes. This temperature resolution can be further improved to 0.01oC by employing longer measurement intervals.

Dr Michael Mondanos, Vice President Industrial Applications, said: “Silixa has developed a powerful, ruggedised, remote logging tool that offers the established high standard of resolution, accuracy and reliability of our ULTIMA DTS, but over a class-leading temperature range. This pushes the limits of distributed fibre optic temperature sensing, opening up new deployment possibilities. The XT-DTS will enable effective asset optimization and environmental risk management even in previously inaccessible environments.”

For further information please Contact us.

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Silixa Ltd Named as UK’s Fastest Growing Electronics Company in the 2013 Deloitte Technology Fast 50

Silixa, the global provider of best-in-class distributed fibre optic solutions, has been named as UK’s fastest growing electronics company in the prestigious Deloitte Fast 50 Awards.

The ranking is based on revenue growth over the last five years, during which Silixa grew 1118%. Apart from being number one in the electronics category, this growth rate also placed Silixa as the 19th fastest growing company in the overall category in the UK.

The UK Fast 50, recognised internationally as one of the most important business awards, is one of the UK’s foremost technology awards programmes, and it acknowledges the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the UK.

“To be named as the fastest growing UK electronics company in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is a great achievement for Silixa. I believe this recognition, as well as Silixa having been selected as one of the finalist in the Best Visualization and Collaboration Category for the World Oil Awards earlier this year is a testimony to our capabilities and our dedication to the industry. 2013 has been an exciting year for us! “said Mahmoud Farhadiroushan, Silixa’s co-founder and CEO.

About Silixa:

Established in 2007, Silixa Ltd. provides distributed fibre optic solutions that can provide unique benefits for tackling a multiplicity of challenges across a number of industrial markets.

With an investment backing from Lime Rock Partners, Chevron Technology Ventures, and Statoil Technology Invest, the company has been rapidly growing and expanding its business in the global energy, security and environmental monitoring markets.
With headquarters and research facilities in London, United Kingdom, and an operational base in Houston, USA, Silixa operates globally, across five continents.

For more information please Contact Us
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Silixa Ltd Named as Finalist in World Oil Awards 2013

Silixa Ltd. is pleased to announce that its intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor™ has been selected as one of the finalists for the prestigious World Oil Awards in the category of Best Visualization and Collaboration Awards.

Silixa’s intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor (iDAS) has a remarkable impact on the industry as it uses a single fibre optic cable to effectively turn an entire well into an array of ‘digital ears’. This makes it possible to perform high accuracy repeat seismic without interrupting production or risking infrastructure by introducing invasive equipment.

In addition, the same iDAS data stream can be tuned to listen to the well itself. In doing so, data from the iDAS technology can optimise asset life span, improve safety and maximise resource production by offering real-time permanent in-well surveillance and distributed flow profiling in addition to on-demand seismic profiling.

The award will be announced at a gala dinner on 17th October, 2013.

For more information please Contact Us.

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Silixa Ltd affirms its position as world-leading fibre sensing solution company by announcing $8M investment from Statoil Technology Invest and Chevron Technology Ventures

Silixa Ltd. will begin global commercialisation of its game-changing fibre optic sensing technology after an equity investment of $ USD 8 million from Statoil Technology Invest (STI) and Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV). Building on earlier investment made by CTV and Lime Rock Partners, the latest investment cements Silixa’s position as a company with an exceptional potential for growth. Within five years, the company has blossomed from a garage start-up into a specialist service company backed by three of world’s leading private equity investors from the energy sector.

“We are very excited to make an equity investment in Silixa, which will strengthen what already is a strong cooperation between the two companies”, declared Sigurd Paulsen, STI’s Investment Director. “In addition to the technology being able to tell us precisely what is going on in the well at every location, we are also excited about its application in other areas of growing importance, such as pipeline and environmental monitoring.”

Trevor Burgess, Managing Director at Lime Rock Partners, hailed the deal as a “significant endorsement of the achievements made by Silixa’s management team in growing the company. We are delighted to have Statoil Technology Invest on board alongside Chevron Technology Ventures.”

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Silixa Ltd receives Achilles Certification

Silixa Ltd is pleased to announce that the company is now certified by Achilles, the world’s leading supplier of information management systems.

This certification highlights Silixa’s commitment to quality, offers assurance of pre-qualification to all existing and future clients, and gives access to new business opportunities in global networks.

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