Silixa to deploy Carina® CarbonSecure™, distributed sensing-based monitoring solution, at the CarbonSAFE San Juan Basin site

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is one of the few technologies able to adequately displace CO2 from fossil fuel power stations and the only technology capable of reducing large-scale emissions from industrial sources. However before the technology can be deployed commercially there are several key gaps on the critical technology path that must be overcome. One important project to clear these hurdles is the Carbon Storage Assurance Facility Enterprise (CarbonSAFE).

At the CarbonSAFE San Juan Basin site, Silixa is taking part in a project to validate technologies used to detect and characterise faults and fractures above and below a target CO2 injection zone. Silixa will deploy its Carina CarbonSecure distributed sensing-based solution. With minimal environmental impact, the system provides a reliable continuous or on-demand carbon capture monitoring solution for all stages of any CO2 carbon storage operation, both offshore and on land.

This project will use the collected data and analysis results to identify and assess potential fault activation hazards relevant to large-scale CO2 injection in the SJB. Successfully demonstrating the technologies used in this project will provide confidence in the application of these methods at other carbon storage injection sites.

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