World Oil Awards 2020

Silixa Ltd named as finalist in two categories of World Oil Awards 2020

Silixa Ltd. is pleased to announce that its Carina® Subsea 4D Seismic Data Acquisition System  has been selected as one of the finalists for the prestigious World Oil Awards in the category of Best Deepwater Technology Award, and its Carina® XwellXpress, crosswell low frequency strain and microseismic monitoring service, in the category of New Horizons Idea Award.

Carina® Subsea 4D, the world’s first permanent ultra-high definition (HD) in-well seismic data acquisition system for subsea wells, has a remarkable impact on the subsea industry. Installed as part of the well completion, the new engineered fibre optic system enables HD seismic data acquisition on demand along the entire subsea wellbore without the introduction of additional operational costs and risks. This allows operators to perform more frequent seismic acquisitions at a much lower cost, enabling them to accelerate production and increase ultimate recovery. The technology has been selected for deployment in multiple wells on two deepwater fields in the Gulf of Mexico to improve complex seismic imaging below salt diapirs.

Carina® XwellXpress, the world’s first fiber optic real-time hydraulic fracture monitoring service through wireline interventions, named as one of the finalists in the New Horizons Idea Award category, is transforming the unconventional oil and gas market by removing the most challenging barriers that keep operators from implementing diagnostic services: high costs, lack of real-time data and interference with operations. This new service enables operators to observe fracture development in real-time, permitting dynamic change of treatment parameters. It has been utilised in multiple unconventional plays and has demonstrated clear value leading to increased efficiency and reduced operational costs.

The winners of the award will be announced on 15th October 2020.

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