Silixa’s distributed fibre optic technology enables non-intrusive flow metering of multiple water, slurry, and gas flows on multiple pipes simultaneously using a single, continuous length of optical fibre. This technology is now being used in the minerals mining industry, but has not yet been applied to oil sands operations.

Oil sands operations require significant flow control and adaptive, durable sensors. Silixa’s process metering solution is achieved using low cost, non-intrusive sensing materials which can be easily moved and rotated, or refit to pipes of different sizes and orientations as operations evolve.

Daniel Finfer’s presentation (BDM – Process Metering) will focus on the sensing method as well as its application for multizone, multifluid, non-intrusive process flow metering. He will demonstrate how this new non-invasive technology can be used to enable process control optimisation.

The 2017 Oil Sand Trade Show brings together over 400 suppliers and service companies showcasing the newest technologies, products & services in the oil sands industry.

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Image courtesy of Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo