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Silixa to present at the Carbon Intel Forum in Houston, TX, USA on 28–29 September 2022

Connect with us at the Carbon Intel Forum in Houston, TX, USA on 28–29 September 2022, where Pete Richter, Vice President Silixa LLC, will be presenting on Advances in Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) monitoring for carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects.

Large-scale deployment of carbon capture is essential to achieve climate goals and much of the progress will depend on the implementation of innovative technologies that can address challenges.

Pete’s presentation will give an overview of Silixa’s distributed fiber optic sensing-based CCS monitoring solution, Carina® CarbonSecure™. This pioneering reservoir management tool can assess the viability of geological formations for carbon storage during site characterization and can monitor microseismic activity during the injection phase. It can also ensure well and storage integrity during CO2 injection and can provide 4D monitoring of the CO2 plume migration throughout the lifetime of the facility.

The system ensures maximum safety through the various stages of CCS development and can be used without maintenance for decades in line with mandated CCS monitoring periods.

Carbon Intel Forum is for all industry professionals involved in reducing or eliminating carbon in operations. The conference will provide information needed to scale up low-carbon solutions for the world.

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