Distributed Acoustic Sensing: Recent Field Data and Performance Validation

Authors: T.R. Parker, S.V. Shatalin, M. Farhadiroushan and D. Miller

Event name: Second EAGE Workshop on Permanent Reservoir Monitoring 2013 – Current and Future Trends

Session: Distributed Acoustics: More than “Unplugged

Publication date: 03 July 2013

DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.20131303

Copyright: EAGE


Silixa’s iDAS distributed acoustic sensor faithfully captures the full acoustic signal at every metre along a length of optical fibre many kilometres long. The iDAS has been used in a range of surface and downhole monitoring applications, including flow measurement, vertical seismic profiling, hydraulic fracture monitoring and surface seismic imaging. The system performance and applications of this technology are rapidly evolving; in this presentation we will be showing some of the more recent results across the PRM application space.

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