Dual Seismic Fields From Distributed Acoustic Sensors

Authors: Flavio Poletto (OGS) | Daniel Finfer (Silixa Ltd) | Piero Corubolo (OGS) | Biancamaria Farina (OGS)

Copyright: Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Source: 2014 SEG Annual Meeting, 26-31 October, Denver, Colorado, USA , 2014


Distributed acoustic sensors (DAS) using fiber optic cables is an emerging acquisition technology for O&G industry. It offers the advantage of improving seismic acquisition by massive monitoring of seismic waves at reduced cost. In this paper we show that, as a result of the dense spatial distribution of recording points along the optic cable, DAS can provide two field components in the axial direction, even when using a single one-dimensional line. These signal pairs consist of dual components, which are related to strain and particle velocity fields at a given recording location. We show with real examples where the data can be combined to provide separation of up- and down-going wavefields. The ratio of the dual components provides information on local slowness properties in the formation.

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