Datacenter Temperature Monitoring

Power supply and environmental control are essential components for datacenter or server room system functionality, integrity and safety.

Silixa’s distributed temperature (DTS) instrumentation and software solutions provide reliable high-quality monitoring for datacenters and enable informed decision-making to optimize critical systems on demand and improve asset lifespans.

Paired with ULTIMA™ DTS or XT-DTS™, Silixa’s HotWatch software allows for real-time zonal temperature profiling, hot-spot detection and alarm triggering, as well as data visualization including historical zonal temperature trends.

Our datacenter temperature monitoring system can be configured to interface with existing control systems using Modbus, TTL relay and 4–20 mA.

Power supply, consumption and capacity are critical variables in the design and operation of datacenters and server rooms. Excess heat causing greater cooling costs and higher current demand on conductors can shorten datacenter component life spans and create hazardous conditions with the potential for loss.

Distributed temperature data with both fine spatial and temporal resolution allow datacenters to accurately evaluate conductor temperature and heat transfer while providing key information for improving system efficiency and safety. DTS monitoring solutions can be added to current power supply systems to make more effective use of existing high voltage cables.

By measuring thermal dissipation correlated with power consumption and capacity, datacenter power usage effectiveness (PUE) can be improved.

  • Monitoring of server cooling systems
  • Power cable integrity monitoring
  • Real-time zonal temperature monitoring
  • Hot-spot detection and alarm triggering
  • Real-time data visualization

Avoid unplanned downtime

Silixa’s datacenter temperature monitoring solutions provide critical facilities personnel with the data they need to identify, locate and help diagnose system faults, as well as improve uptime performance. Our monitoring solutions provide 24/7 site monitoring.


One DTS system can monitor dozens of zones comprising kilometers of fibre installed throughout a datacenter; providing information on all critical systems simultaneously using a single instrument.

Heightened safety

Flexibility in assignment of independent zonal temperature thresholds allows for customized alarm triggering, while the fine spatial and temporal resolution of DTS data enables quick fault detection and localization.

Efficient system design

High resolution temperature data sets make it possible to analyze system power consumption and heat dissipation with greater accuracy and precision than conventional point sensors.  Networking of an array of point sensors, installation and maintenance of many individual point sensors.