Tailings dam monitoring

XSeepT™, the distributed fibre optic sensing-based dam monitoring solution, takes dam safety to a higher level by providing early alerts of potential problems.

It enables operators to monitor their tailings facilities remotely and cost-effectively and helps them comply with social, environmental and governmental requirements.


Fully automated, remote monitoring

Enables the dams to be run with optimal efficiency.

Unmanned operation.

No requirement from the operator to provide additional data.

Continuous, distributed sensing-based monitoring reveals even the smallest potential problems

Continuous, high-precision data acquisition allows for trends to be spotted and analysed over time.

Spatially distributed temperature data allow for much higher precision analytics, revealing even the smallest potential problems that can be easily missed with conventional or point sensors

Immediate insight into the structural health of the asset

Real-time processing and visual presentation of temperature and seepage flow via web interface

Early alerts

The system processes the high-resolution temperature data in real-time, detecting even minimal temperature changes. In the case of a sudden temperature change an alarm can be sent via SMS or E‑mail. This can prevent loss of life. It also  provides invaluable environmental benefits as the system minimises the risk of catastrophes, potential tailings dam failures.

Providing early alerts, the system delivers financial benefits by avoiding high expenditure on remedial works.

Small environmental footprint

The system has a low-power requirement.

Minimal maintenance

There are no maintenance costs associated with the fibre optic cable.

Surveillance of monitoring performance and quality check of cable

The system provides automatic warning of a cable break and diagnostics allow the signal quality to be checked on demand.

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An innovative approach to dam monitoring

Utilising high-resolution distributed temperature measurements, the system uses the natural seasonal temperature variations that occur in all surface water, such as lakes, reservoirs and rivers, to calculate and deliver accurate information on seepage flow changes, which can indicate internal erosion.

Continuous, remote monitoring offering accurate insights

The sensing element, the fibre optic cable, is permanently installed along the dam either in a linear way or in boreholes. High resolution distributed temperature data is acquired with Silixa’s ULTIMA DTS™ along the fibre optic cable continuously.

XSeepT, the interface processing unit, developed by HydroResearch, evaluates the measured data in real-time and offers a visual overview of both the temperature and evaluated data. Seepage data can be calculated and evaluated for each section of the dam.

XSeepT can export selected evaluated data to SCADA or ADAS and when sudden temperature changes are noticed alarm signal can be sent via *24V, E‑mail or SMS.

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