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Carina® 100XLog old

Carina 100Xlog is a high-efficiency retrievable fiber optic well logging service that visualizes entire well dynamics in real-time much more rapidly than conventional technologies, reducing deferred production.

Unlike traditional intervention surveillance technologies, our well logging service delivers continuous, real-time data acquired along the entire length of the wellbore simultaneously.

This enables the diagnosis of complex flow regimes and leak paths that conventional technologies struggle to quickly identify.

Real-time answers with shorter well logging time, significant cost savings and lower carbon footprint

With rapid analytics delivering results at the wellsite the Carina 100xLog creates more efficient interventions, quicker remediations and a reduction in downtime, intervention duration, cost and carbon output.

The service can be deployed easily with multiple conveyance options such as wireline, slickline or coiled tubing. The cable will seamlessly interface with any vendor’s existing wireline deployed electromechanical tractors to allow deployment into the extended reach horizontal wells of today.

With the ability to visualize the entire well at once, and then zoom in on the zones of particular interest, Carina 100xLog can help reduce the time spent on a typical intervention by up to 50%, saving 3 to 5 days of lost production, and ensuring a significant reduction in the carbon footprint compared to conventional techniques.

Carina® Sensing System – the enabling technology

The underlying technology, the precision engineered Carina Sensing System enabled by Constellation™ fibre, has 100 times better signal to noise ratio than any other DAS system.

This allows for greater sensitivity and coupled with our edge analytics and processing workflows, faster recognition of parameters that describe well performance.

Quantitative multiphase flow allocations are enabled with advanced and unique data processing workflows.

Production monitoring applications

In production monitoring applications, Carina 100XLog offers instant insight into well performance along the entire wellbore.  It delivers actionable answers at the wellsite in significantly reduced time compared to conventional technologies, reducing deferred production and enabling operators to maximise field productivity.

Why choose Silixa as your production monitoring partner?

  • The 100xLog cable seamlessly interfaces with any vendor’s existing wireline deployed electromechanical tractors.
  • This allows easy deployment into the extended reach horizontal wells of today.
  • Once deployed, the system acquires ULTRA HD quality DAS and DTS data along the entire wellbore simultaneously, visualizing the fluid dynamics along the entire wellbore, simultaneously and dynamically for the duration of the survey.
  • The comprehensive insight into well performance enables better decisions to be taken to improve production efficiency.
  • Carina 100XLog can evaluate downhole performance by identifying active and inactive production zones and determine fluid composition in real-time. It can also track and assess the performance of injection fluid.
  • The identification of fluid entry points and cumulative production under dynamic flowing conditions allows operators to make informed decisions on enhancing production and remediating unwanted fluid entries. This maximises field productivity.

In-well flowing diagnostics/ well integrity

Our well integrity answers, delivered in real time at the wellsite, will enable you to make time-sensitive decisions faster and with much greater confidence to overcome well challenges. Our solution will help you to:

  • detect tubing to annulus communication
  • pinpoint leaks
  • identify or confirm leaking or faulty components such as valves and plugs.

Why choose Silixa as your well integrity partner?

Carina 100XLog enables to acquire ULTRA-HD quality DAS and DTS data along the entire length of cable, or survey zone, simultaneously.

This eliminates the need for multiple passes of time and depth-matched logging, and repeated station measurements, significantly reducing the logging time and deferred production.

The low system noise floor allows rapid identification of leaks or fluid movement both inside and outside casing, even at low flow or leak rates.

The data acquired and displayed in real time allows operators to identify downhole problems rapidly and put the well back in production faster. This delivers substantial cost savings.

Case study: Carina® 100XLog, fibre optic sensing-based well logging service highlights
anomalies related to crossflow between water and oil producing zones

Challenge: Identify the communication path between water and oil producing zones, i.e. cross flow behind casing or across the packer.

case study 100XLog Malaysia

Download the case study

Case study: Carina® 100XLog diagnoses fracture designs by quantifying well production from individual clusters producing zones

Challenge: Diagnose a series of stimulation designs in a recently fractured well based on the cluster level inflow production analysis using a fiber optic wireline cable deployed on well tractor.

Download the case study

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