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IntelliStim℠ – frac monitoring and diagnostics

IntelliStim℠, the frac monitoring and diagnostics service provided by Silixa and NexTier, enables you to remotely monitor every aspect of frac operations in real time, empowering you with precise control to make on-the-fly adjustments to optimize completion performance

IntelliStim frac monitoring

Understanding the effectiveness of the fracture completion is a critical piece to optimise well cost and improve overall recovery. IntelliStim is now allowing operators to have a better understanding of the different completion designs and how they can optimise those designs for specific formations and areas. It is a cost-effective solution that’s designed to improve wellsite performance.

From pre-job treatment design to offset well monitoring and stage-by-stage performance assessments, the service makes all surface and downhole activities accessible in real time via the operators’ existing data portal.

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Data & answer products

  • NexHub® remote operational and engineering support
  • LateralScienceSM pre-frac diagnostics services
  • WellPulseSM offset-well monitoring and diagnostics
  • Carina® XwellXpress™ retrievable wireline crosswell monitoring


Real-time data delivers unprecedented insight across the entire wellsite

Understanding the effectiveness of fracturing is key to improve the economic performance of unconventional wells.

Carina XwellXpress, the proven solution, achieves the most accurate measurements and highest signal-to-noise ratio in the industry, so operators can identify events farther from the wellbore and deeper in the reservoir.

As the sensing system can be repeatedly deployed and retrieved by a NexTier wireline truck, operators have greater flexibility to conduct surveys in more wells. For a much lower cost than installing a permanent sensing cable in a single well, multiple offset wells can be used to monitor frac growth, evaluate cluster efficiency, and assess frac-design performance in real time.

Unified data portal accessible via existing data portals

Delivering a consistent, unified data portal, the IntelliStim monitoring and diagnostics system can be configured to integrate frac operations with NexTier wireline, pumpdown, and MDT sensors. The NexHub® Digital Center will host the entire operational data cache, which is then displayed using the industry-leading Corva visualization platform, and easily accessible via your existing data portal.

In collaboration with Corva, our NexHub digital capabilities create a host of productivity-enhancing possibilities, including:

  • Customized visualization platforms
  • Instantaneous communications
  • Enhanced engineering expertise
  • Remote well control
  • Automated, AI-powered failsafes and alerts
  • Significant reductions in non-productive time

Driving completion success with lower cost, lower carbon and less downtime

Artificial intelligence plays a prominent and growing role in our goal of delivering digital optimization across the entire wellsite. The IntelliStim frac monitoring and diagnostics system uses machine learning to elevate performance in these critical metrics:

  • Pre-job engineering
  • Real-time performance monitoring and assessment
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Equipment health monitoring
  • Diesel displacement (dual-fuel fleets)
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