Joe Greer, Silixa’s Business Development Manager, will  present on Deep Vertical Seismic Profiling Using Mulitmode Optical Fibers in a Hybrid Wireline – Lessons Learned on Thursday, 13 August, 2015 at 10.00 am. (Session 10: Areal Reservoir Monitoring) His presentation will detail the results of a walk-away and walk-around VSP survey carried out by Silixa in a 4000 m deep, oil producing vertical well in China in January 2015. The VSP was carried out as a part of a larger 3D surface seismic campaign.

Mahmoud Farhadiroushan, Silixa’s CEO, will  present on Non-Intrusive Velocity and Compositional Monitoring of Fluid Flow Along Pipes Using a Digital Distributed Acoustic Sensor System (DAS) in the poster sessions. His presentation will focus on the use of iDAS for flow metering.

The workshop will address the characterization and implementation of monitoring systems based on distributed fibre optic sensors with special focus on applications such as subsurface monitoring, field deployment of fibre-instrumented interventions and permanently installed distributed fibre optic systems.

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