Distributed fiber optic monitoring finds numerous applications in the environmental sector where the processes are on scales from centimetres to kilometres.

Our distributed fibre optic sensing solutions offer high spatial & temporal profiling over large surfaces, long lengths and at locations where conventional point sensing is not applicable or cost effective.

Distributed temperature sensing with ULTIMA™ DTS and XT-DTS™

Distributed temperature sensing has been adopted for improved monitoring of environmental processes providing continuous measurements in space and time. The DTS system makes it possible to observe heat profiles and patterns to identify surface infiltration, flow through fractures, and flow patterns in submarine gas and fluid discharges. In addition, heat as a tracer can be used to detect infiltration of surface water and fractures and estimate groundwater velocity and hydraulic conductivity.

DTS has been proved the instrument of choice for a number of environmental applications, such as soil moisture monitoring, thermocline profile reproduction in lakes, seepage rate estimation in dams, groundwater-surface water interactions in streams, shallow thermoaline environments, fractured rock characterisation and flow dynamics into boreholes.

Distributed acoustic sensing with iDAS™

Advancements in DAS technology have also opened up new perspectives for several applications. iDAS measures the true acoustic field over several kilometres of sensing cable. Acoustic data can be collected with a spatial resolution as fine as every metre, providing a more dense dataset than any other traditional point sensor could offer.