Process monitoring with distributed sensing technology

Fibre optic distributed sensing technologies provides high density data collection along tens of kilometres of optical fibre simultaneously, transforming both standard and customized cables into the equivalent of thousands of point sensors. This fundamental advance in sensing technology provides a means for complete spatial and temporal coverage of process infrastructure to identify and react to potential failure events before they occur.

By combining customised installation, cable, and software solutions, Silixa’s ULTIMA™ DTS and iDAS™ provide an unsurpassed level of insight into industrial processes.

Distributed sensing provides continuous monitoring and the cable installation can be configured to optimize the coverage provided giving operators an enhanced level of safety while minimising operational downtime.


  • Continuous spatial and temporal coverage
  • Autonomous monitoring capability
  • Optimization of production processes and existing assets
  • Improved decision making capacity
  • Suitable for harsh and high temperature environments
  • Intrinsically safe
  • No electrical power required at the sensing locations

process monitoring

Reactor vessels

ULTIMA DTS can be used to detect hot spots and monitor cryogenic processes. Fibre optic cable can be installed to provide coverage on above ground or buried vessels.

Storage tanks

A diverse range of applications including leakage and intrusion detection can be implemented for storage tank integrity monitoring.

Transfer pipelines

Our distributed sensing technologies can be readily combined in a single installation delivering leak and intrusion detection as well as temperature monitoring giving complete coverage along a fluid transfer.

Belt conveyor systems

Temperature and/or acoustic monitoring can alert operators to worn components and potential failures. By utilizing distributed fibre optic sensing material transfer systems for up to tens of kilometres can be monitored from a single location.