Carina® CarbonSecure™ is a permanently installed, proven distributed sensing-based solution that allows a step change in the reduction of the cost of carbon capture and storage (CCS) monitoring.

With minimal environmental impact, the system provides a reliable continuous or on-demand monitoring solution for all stages of any CO2 carbon storage operation, both offshore and on land. It ensures maximum safety over the various stages of the CCS process, as also long-term monitoring and management of the CO2 storage reservoirs while offering significant cost-savings.

Carina CarbonSecure can be applied at three stages of each project:

Key features

  • High Resolution Subsurface Imaging: Carina® Carbon Secure offers a breakthrough performance by using the Carina® Sensing System, enabled by the precision engineered Constellation™ fibre, to achieve 20 dB or 100x improvement in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) compared to DAS systems using standard fibers. It is this market-leading performance that enables the system to provide high quality, densely sampled acoustic data.
  • Extra High Sensitivity – The system’s extreme sensitivity enables seismic imaging with minimal source effort on land or with fewer shots in offshore applications. It also enables cost-effective real-time and/or continuous passive seismic and microseismic monitoring.
  • Repeatability: Permanent installations ensure high repeatability and continuous data availability without need for intervention.
  • Full automation: The system can be fully automated, enabling unmanned and remote operations
  • Low maintenance: Fibre-optic cables have no mechanical parts and are suitable for corrosive and high temperature environments. They can be installed without maintenance requirements for decades, in line with mandated CCS monitoring periods.


  • Safety: Accurate, long-term or on-demand, resilient monitoring throughout the entire CO2 storage area for the entire mandated period
  • Step change in monitoring costs reduction: Carina CarbonSecure enables significant cost savings that are normally measured in millions of dollars
  • Sustainability: The system’s extreme sensitivity enables seismic imaging with minimal source effort on land or with fewer shots in offshore applications. This reduces the environmental impact and overall project costs.
  • Societal Acceptance: As a proven technology with a significant track record throughout the hydrocarbon value chain, Carina CarbonSecure offers the reassurance needed to encourage greater and faster adoption of CCS worldwide.

A proven solution

Silixa has been providing distributed-sensing based monitoring solutions primarily to the energy industry since 2010, demonstating a strong record of succes. Many of the in-well and surface iDAS™ , Carina® and DTS applications targeted at the upstream oil and gas industry, such as high-resolution time-lapse 4D seismic and microseismic, are also a natural fit for CCS monitoring.

With deep sector knowledge and a technological advantage ensured by the preformance of the engineered Carina® Sensing System, Silixa is well positioned to pave the way to a decarbonised future by offering a dependable CCS monitoring solution, hence facilitating faster CCS adoption worldwide.