iDAS™ 3D VSP (ArraySeis™) or Carina Seismic and crosswell acoustic surveys have been effectively used to monitor the CO2 plume migration in storage reservoirs.

Optical fibre cables can be installed permanently downhole or trenched at the surface, permitting 3D seismic repeatability. In addition, optical cable installations in several wells allow for effective monitoring of potential leakage pathways of CO2, including the well itself, and ensure safe CO2 storage.

Permanent installations enable monitoring the evolution of the CO2 plume in time. Both P-waves and shear waves can be recorded, which allows for effective imaging of the CO2 plume and provides adequate mapping.

Benefits of distributed sensing-based plume monitoring

  • permanent and on-demand high resolution 3D seismic
  • long-term reservoir monitoring
  • wellbore integrity
  • data acquisition repeatability
  • enhanced time-lapse surveys