In the mining industry, seismic imaging is a powerful but under-used tool for the imaging of ore bodies.

The migration and analysis of mining seismic data sets presents a range of challenges, particular where target ore may be acoustically similar to surrounding rock. Additionally, steeply dipping bodies can be nearly invisible to conventional surface reflection seismic, whilst the ability to resolve complex velocity gradients with precision can distort the output from even highly intensive surveys.

ArraySeis™, our iDAS™ based seismic services, provides miners with the opportunity to obtain rich VSP data that can be used to redefine the status quo in velocity model development. Silixa’s broad seismic acquisition experience in the Oil & Gas sector can be leveraged to enable the development of new tools for exploration and monitoring in soft rock and hard rock alike.

Singlemode fibre with 60 level geophone superimposed

An example of the type of high resolution VSP data which is straightforward to obtain from instrumented boreholes using DAS technology (Daley et al., 2014).

DAS seismic provides miners with the opportunity to obtain rich VSP data

VSP data captured using iDAS, with geophone data overlayed for comparison.

2-D Migrated data using two different sources (a) dynamite and (b) vibrator. VSP with DAS offers miners the opportunity to observe the velocity gradient with a spatial resolution on the order of meters