Carina Seismic delivers high-accuracy, repeat seismic on demand without interrupting production or risking infrastructure.

By utilising Silixa’s new family of engineered Constellation™ fibres, incorporated within standard cables, the Carina® Sensing System can achieve up to 20dB (100x) improvement in signal to noise ratio over the already class-leading iDAS™ system.

Permanent Reservoir Monitoring

Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM) offers unparalleled insight into changes occurring within the reservoir, enabling rapid decisions to adjust well design and positioning, production and injection rates in order to maximise recovery. PRM relies on permanently installed sensors providing high quality, continuous or semi-continuous data in real-time. Of particular value is seismic data, which enables the imaging of hydrocarbon-bearing layers beneath the earth’s surface.

However, accurate in-well seismic data from the most valuable assets is rarely acquired as a result of the cost and risk of well-intervention wireline or seabed surface seismic.

Carina Seismic enables borehole seismic acquisition with greatly reduced source effort achieving high quality, densely sampled seismic data with significantly reduced operating time and costs.

Key benefits

  • Full wellbore coverage
    Acquire data along the entire wellbore for every seismic shot
  • Unrivalled data quality enables cost effective reservoir characterisation
    Extremely high signal to noise ratio gives seismic data quality beyond that of a standard geophone array
  • Borehole seismic for the fraction of the cost
    High signal to noise ratio enables seismic surveys with either reduced source effort or fewer shots, hence lowering the operation time and cost
  • Permanent installation reduces OPEX across life of well
    Continuous data availability without need for intervention
  • Eliminate the cost of deferred production
    Intervention-free operations allow for surveys in flowing wells
  • Increase ultimate recovery
    Permanent installations enable 4D seismic on demand throughout the life of well
  • New powerful capabilities without further additional CAPEX
    Continuous well diagnostics throughout the life of well

Carina Seismic offers performance beyond geophones

With the combination of up to 20dB improvement in SNR, fine spatial sampling and full wellbore coverage for every shot, Carina Seismic data offers unprecedented detail in every shot record.

Recent field data shows a direct comparison between Carina Seismic and conventional wireline geophones. The test involved acquisition in a well with a Constellation enabled fibre-optic cable cemented behind the casing, with wireline geophones deployed in the same well. The seismic source was a 26,000lb vibroseis situated approx. 700m from the wellhead.

This data, collected at the CO2CRC Otway test site, shows how Carina Seismic offers much greater detail in each shot record compared to geophones. Deep reflections are clearer, slower moving signals such as converted shear reflections are better resolved.

Carina Seismic: stack of 5 sweeps, acquired with full wellbore coverage for every shot. Total acquisition time: ~4mins.

Wireline geophones: stack of 5 sweeps, over 11 tool positions. Total acquisition time: ~4hrs

High quality seismic data at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods

Carina Seismic achieves full wellbore coverage for every shot, eliminating the need for repositioning a tool at different depths, enabling vertical seismic profiling within minutes instead of hours.

With permanently installed fibres, the receivers are available at all times with no further deployment costs. Repeat surveys can be acquired on-demand at a fraction of the cost, enabling more frequent surveys giving greater insight into changes in the reservoir.

Silixa’s new suite of advanced software tools provides real-time field deliverables. Acquisition QC plots are generated at the wellsite to ensure high quality, accurate data is collected. SEGY files, fully populated with accurate source and receiver headers, are generated in real-time.

Silixa has worked closely with some of the world’s largest operators to implement IT solutions that enable transfer of data to processing centres around the world. With fast-track processing flows, images can be available a few hours after acquisition for accelerated decision making.

Carina Seismic
Silixa’s acquisition QC tools give real-time analysis for QC of timing, geometry and data quality