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Process metering

The video recording of Silixa’s process metering demonstrates real-time multi-zone measurement of vortex flow rate and sound speed within a pipe. Within industrial operations, this system provides flow speed and composition trending in multiphase flow and slurries on a wide range of pipe materials and sizes.

Pipeline surveillance

Silixa’s intelligent Pipeline Surveillance System demonstrates both real-time acoustic event detection with the intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor (iDAS) and thermal leak detection utilising ULTIMA distributed temperature sensor (ULTIMA DTS). The source of acoustic events can be activity from an  intrusion event or the noise generated by a leak. Thermal detection of a leak is triggered by a localised drop  in temperature (gas leak) or an increase (an oil leak). For both acoustic and thermal detection techniques unmodified generic fibre optic cable is utilised as the sensor.

Flow demonstration

The flow demonstration presented in this video relates to the fracking process in which liquid is injected at high pressure in order to free up petroleum resources such as oil and natural gas. For this purpose, water is injected through a perforation into the main pipe to simulate the fracking process.