With unrivalled technical capabilities, Silixa delivers the highest quality data derived from distributed fibre-optic acoustic (iDAS™) and temperature (ULTIMA™ DTS and XT-DTS™) measurements.

Access to this previously unreachable data enables the company to offer numerous advanced fibre-optic monitoring solutions for the energy and other industrial sectors.

With headquarters in London, United Kingdom, and an operational base in Houston, USA, Silixa operates globally. The company is ISO accredited.

Silixa is headquartered in London, UK, with an operational base in Houston, USA.


nickvandegiesen“Delft University has acquired an ULTIMA DTS from Silixa Ltd and has used it without difficulty for temperature measurements in many hydrological applications. The unit has provided invaluable high resolution data for our research applications. We have been extremely impressed with the performance of the ULTIMA DTS unit as well as the support provided by Silixa.”

Prof. Dr. lr. Nick van de Giesen
Chairman, Water Management Department
Delft University, The Netherlands
May 2014

scotttyler“Our choice of technology was based on the outstanding spatial and temporal resolution offered by both the ULTIMA DTS and the newer XT-DTS systems. The instruments have been performing at or better than specified and we are very satisfied with the results.”

Prof. Scott Tyler
University of Nevada
Reno, USA
January 2015

olivierbour “The ULTIMA DTS’s resolution capabilities provide an entirely new level of technology for borehole applications that should lead to significant results in groundwater hydrology in the coming years. The ULTIMA DTS has delivered unparalleled high resolution data and has allowed quantifying of vertical flow all along the borehole.”

Prof. Olivier Bour
Géosciences Rennes
Université Rennes, France
May 2014