Process flow metering

Silixa’s patented non-intrusive FiberWrap™ distributed fibre optic sensing-based process flow metering solution delivers significant cost savings by enabling operators to increase productivity, maximise operational efficiency and minimise water consumption.

FiberWrap™ was shortlisted for the 2020 Mining Magazine Technology and Mineral Processing Awards

It does so by delivering actionable information derived from continuous distributed acoustic measurements that enable operators to manage and monitor water dependency and process challenges in compliance with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) business sustainability initiatives.


Significant cost savings

Silixa’s non-intrusive FiberWrap solution has the Lowest CAPEX and OPEX in the industrial and mining flow metering markets. It can be easily installed to both brownfield and greenfield operations.

As the sensing element, the fibre, is fitted onto existing pipes with no interruption to process operations there is zero downtime across the product and operator asset lifecycles.

This delivers significant cost savings.

Improved sustainability

The solution improves the sustainability of operations with significantly reduced energy consumption and with no power requirement on site at the flow measurement zones.

Increased safety

Unmanned and remote operations contribute greatly to improved site safety.

Increased efficiency

FiberWrap enables process automation and significantly increases efficiency. It does so by acquiring data continuously, without interruption to operations at remote locations or inaccessible places where traditional flow monitoring technologies cannot be integrated due to many challenges, such as pipeline arrangement, size or technology.

It can measure flow at multiple processes at the same time and it is able to detect and measure dirty and frothy fluids and flows even in partially filled large diameter pipes.

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  • Mining and mine water management
  • Water treatment
  • Process control
  • Flotation mass pull
  • Provide flow data as part of an intelligent mine automation system


The sensing element, a continuous length of ruggedised fibre optic cable, is helically wrapped on the external section of process pipes where flow measurements are desired.

Utilizing this fibre optic cable, distributed acoustic measurements are taken continuously. The system can have up to 25 flow measurement zones per interrogator, which is Silixa’s phase-coherent intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor, iDAS.

Installation of the system is possible retrospectively without interrupting existing operations.

Spec sheet

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