Subsea Event Detection

Operation of subsea assets such flowlines, umbilicals and risers present a range of challenges in respect of monitoring their status and detecting individual events that may affect the day to day performance or the overall lifetime of the asset.

Point sensors may provide information at specific locations but cannot provide full coverage. Silixa offers distributed fibre optic sensing-based subsea monitoring  solutions that give 100% coverage of the subsea infrastructure and enable the operator to be aware of any threats immediately they arise.


  • Rapid detections of events both internal & external to the asset
  • 100% coverage along the length of the flowline – no blind spots
  • 24/7 operation
  • Permanent
  • No subsea power required, all active equipment is on the surface
  • Can utilise previously installed FO cable & other fibres within the cable can be used for other applications simultaneously.
  • Leak Detection
  • Anchor drag
  • Structure failure
  • Vibration

The technique relies on detecting tiny changes in the behaviour within an optical fibre due to sound hitting the cable. By capturing and analysing these changes we can fully recreate the acoustic signal and by further processing generate the alerts instantaneously.