Monitor new projects and mature infrastructure on and offshore to help secure affordable energy

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distributed sensing?

What is distributed sensing? 

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In a time of transition 

Silixa is here to support and accelerate the energy transition in two ways.

While oil and gas operations help meet existing energy demand, our solutions make sure they are as efficient, productive and safe as possible, both on and offshore.
At the same time, we apply our deep technical expertise and proven distributed sensing-based solutions to the parallel development of alternative and renewable energy sources for the long term.

Since its foundation Silixa has been devoted to the environment, earth sciences, and industry through innovative and advanced monitoring solutions. Today our experience is being leveraged for challenges across the energy sector – from critical well operations to wind energy.

As enablers of digitalisation, Silixa delivers the most accurate intelligence available on energy assets for fast and reliable decision making. As a result, operators can harness energy resources in a cost-effective and safe manner, with minimal environmental footprint.

Silixa offers a full suite of innovative fibre optic sensing-based solutions, including active and passive seismic, microseismic, acoustic and temperature-based downhole and reservoir monitoring applications.

Since the company was founded in 2007 Silixa has remained at the forefront of innovation — developing and manufacturing the world’s best performing distributed temperature and acoustic sensing systems. Today these leading-edge sensing technologies are at the heart of our geophysical and other monitoring services; focused on the most demanding challenges faced by the global energy industry.

Our answer products are complemented by premier engineering solutions and system installation capabilities.

Address energy’s most pressing challenges

Acquiring dense, high-fidelity distributed data at scale is an opportunity to reduce operational costs and deliver savings.

As part of a monitoring strategy a single permanently-installed fibre optic system can be used for multiple applications from exploration, through production and condition monitoring, to passive monitoring. The same fibre provides access to actionable information throughout the life of an energy asset – reducing operational costs (OPEX) and eliminating downtime: gains that can be measured in millions.

For intervention operations a highly efficient retrievable FO system provides real-time displays of data acquired instantaneously along the entire fibre. By acquiring DAS and DTS simultaneously in the same pass SILIXA customers reduce the time that energy assets spend offline, safeguarding their productivity.

Safety is our number one priority.

Silixa solutions enable accurate monitoring of unmanned and remote energy assets and operations: even in hostile settings. Reliable surveillance based on the highest quality densely distributed measurements – continuous in time and distance along the fibre – reduces the chance of missing key changes in conditions or events that might otherwise lead to health and safety incidents.

The environmental benefits of Silixa solutions are most noticeable when performing seismic surveys and acquiring geophysical data. Removing the need for specialized heavy equipment on land, or for large seismic source vessels at sea, our systems also have a much low power requirement. The result is faster surveys in greater detail with a significantly lower footprint.

By enabling energy facilities to run remotely or autonomously, emissions are lowered by reducing or eliminating the need for personnel to be transported to and from the site.

With the ability to monitor induced seismicity with precision, as well as pinpointing leaks or integrity issues at an early stage, the ultra-high sensitivity of the system facilitates capability to visualize entire well dynamics more responsible oil and gas operations.

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