Well Integrity Monitoring

Silixa’s ArrayLog™ service provides well integrity monitoring using legacy fibres. The distributed nature of measurements means that the acoustic signal and temperature is captured at every meter along the wellbore continuously, enabling us to detect and localise well integrity issues rapidly.

With an optical fibre cable placed in an abandoned well, the iDAS was able to listen continuously over a period of several hours and subsequently capture a single discrete event signalling the periodic release of accumulated gas pressure behind casing. Traditional technologies struggle to identify such events.

Our sensing systems provide a reliable solution to monitor ground and structural movements, water seepage, and natural or induced seismicity.

Good well integrity monitoring is vital to eliminate the risk of uncontrolled release of formation fluids throughout the life of the well.  Our ArrayLog™ services utilise distributed acoustic (iDAS™) and distributed temperature (ULTIMA™ DTS) data to detect fluid movement.

When well parameters point to the failure of a barrier it is necessary to identify the source of the failure in order to plan remediation, or to demonstrate the continued integrity of the barrier for normal operations. Distributed fibre optic sensing offers a unique way to quickly and efficiently detect the fluid movement which may indicate barrier failure.

The iDAS and ULTIMA DTS can detect leaks or flow behind casing without the need to intervene in the well, utilising pre-exisiting  fibre optic cables. The optical fibre behaves as a sensor array so the entire fibre path is surveyed simultaneously allowing well integrity issues at undetermined depths to be detected and localised almost immediately.

  • Tubing to annulus communication detection
  • Identify and confirm leaking completion components such as valves and plugs
  • Detect fluid movement behind casing and track to origin
  • Listen continuously for signs of cap rock failure during injection or disposal of CO2

Utilising legacy fibres delivers cost savings

Accurate well diagnostics can be delivered without intervention to operations. Pre-installed fibres make any well a good candidate for cost-effective well integrity monitoring.

Full wellbore coverage, more data in less time for accurate decision making

Data is acquired simultaneously along the entire length of the fibre optic cable.  Unlike point sensors, distributed sensing can quickly identify complex and dynamic leak paths delivering accurate well integrity answers in significantly less time.

Real-time software enables rapid conclusions and optimises operating time

Silixa’s real-time software solutions are scalable and adaptable to project requirements, allowing the full range of data administration right from, all onsite, to all offsite management. The intuitive browser based user interface enables customised dashboards to display both real-time and historical data trend, whilst parallel processing activities can be configured to automate data reprocessing, logging schedules and/or alarm notification.

Carina® 100xLog, the intervention-based fibre optic well logging service, can deliver well integrity answers on wireline, slickline or coiled tubing in real time, at the wellsite. Read more about the service here.