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Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) for natural microseismicity studies: A case study from Antarctica


Production Flow Comparison Between Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing and Conventional PLT in a Cased Hole Horizontal Wellbore With ICD

Nov -2020

Measuring Fracture Flow Changes in a Bedrock Aquifer Due to Open Hole and Pumped Conditions Using Active Distributed Temperature Sensing

AGU 10.1029/2020WR028140

Distributed Acoustic Sensing as a Distributed Hydraulic Sensor in Fractured Bedrock


Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) of Seismic Properties in a Borehole drilled on a Fast-Flowing Greenlandic Outlet Glacier


Cluster Flow Identification During Multi-Rate Testing Using a WirelineTractor Conveyed Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing System With EngineeredFiber on a HPHT Horizontal Unconventional Gas Producer in the Liard Basin


Tractor Conveyed Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing System With Engineered Fiber on a HPHT Horizontal Unconventional Gas Producer in the Liard Basin


Distributed Acoustic Sensing of Strain at Earth Tide Frequencies

AGU, 10.1029/2018WR024319

Groundwater Flow Quantification in Fractured Rock Boreholes Using Active Distributed Temperature Sensing Under Natural Gradient Conditions

Petrophysics, Special Issue on Flow Diagnostics

Production Monitoring Using Next-Generation Distributed Sensing Systems


 Time-Lapse Imaging of a Hydraulic Stimulation Using 4D Vertical Seismic Profiles and Fiber Optics in the Midland


Case History of DAS Fiber-Based Microseismic and Strain Data, Monitoring Horizontal Hydraulic Stimulations Using Various Tools to Highlight Physical Deformation Processes

Jul- 2017
Fracture hydromechanical response measured by fiber optic distributed acoustic sensing at milliHertz frequencies Jul-2017
SGP-TR-213 Overview and Preliminary Results from the PoroTomo project at Brady Hot Springs, Nevada: Poroelastic Tomography by Adjoint Inverse Modeling of Data from Seismology, Geodesy, and Hydrology Feb-2017
10.1007/s10346-016-0776-5 Fiber-optic high-resolution acoustic emission (AE) monitoring of slope failure Dec-2016
10.1190/geo2016-0073.1 Dual wavefields from distributed acoustic sensing measurements Nov-2016
Tu LHR2 06 The CO2CRC Otway Project deployment of a Distributed Acoustic Sensing Network Coupled with Permanent Rotary Sources Jun-2016
Th STZ2 05 Walkaway VSP Using Multimode Optical Fibres in a Hybrid Wireline Jun-2016
Th STZ2 04 Learnings from Distributed Acoustic Sensing Data Processing for Seismic Applications – A Case Study from the North Sea Jun-2016
Th SBT4 04 Subsurface Imaging Using Buried DAS and Geophone Arrays – Preliminary Results from CO2CRC Otway Project Jun-2016
SGP-TR-209 Measuring Hydraulic Connection in Fractured Bedrock with Periodic Hydraulic Tests and distributed Acoustic Sensing Feb-2016
DOI: 10.1111/1365-2478.12324

Field testing of modular borehole monitoring with simultaneous distributed acoustic sensing and geophone vertical seismic profiles at Citronelle, Alabama

SPE-177691-MS DAS acquisition in a matured field during 4D: A challenging initiative with multiple objectives Nov-2015
SEG-2015-5876420.1 VSP field trials of distributed acoustic sensing in Trinidad and Gulf of Mexico Oct-2015
10.1190/segam2015-5896445.1 Broadside wavefields in horizontal helically-wound optical fiber and hydrophone streamer Sep -2015
SPE-174916-MS Non-Intrusive Multiple Zone Distributed Acoustic Sensor Flow Metering Sep-2015
SPE-174865-MS Dynamic Water Injection Profiling in Intelligent Wells Using Distributed Acoustic Sensor with Multimode Optical Fibres Sep-2015
SPE-170844-MS Borehole Flow Monitoring using a Non-intrusive Passive Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)  Oct 2014
SEG-2014-1055 Dual Seismic Fields From Distributed Acoustic Sensors Oct 2014
SEG-2014-1357 Simultaneous Acquisition of Distributed Acoustic Sensing VSP with Multi-mode and Single-mode Fiber Optic Cables and 3-Component Geophones at the Aquistore CO2 Storage Site Oct 2014
59698 A VSP Field Trial Using Distributed Acoustic Sensing in a Producing Well in the North Sea Oct 2014
75486 Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Borehole Seismic Applications Oct 2014
76656 Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Reservoir Monitoring with Vertical Seismic Profiling Jul 2014
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75501 Seismic Calibration of Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) in a Joint Borehole-Surface Experiment Jun 2014
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71794 A VSP Field Trial using Distributed Acoustic Sensing in a Producing Well in the North Sea Nov 2013
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69735 Simultaneous Multiwell VSP using Distributed Acoustic Sensing Jul 2013
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SPE-149602-MS Distributed Acoustic Sensing – a New Way of Listening to your Well/Reservoir  Mar 2012