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Silixa offers a portfolio of proven distributed fibre optic sensing-based solutions to the mining industry.

They enhance productivity, minimise risks and ensure sustainability by providing more reliable and cost-effective means of geophysical assessment as well as asset and process monitoring.

To date Silixa’s solutions have been deployed in mining processing plants across South America and Africa and they are expected to play an increasingly crucial part in mining automation and digitalization.

Our services include project management, data acquisition, data analysis, interpretation and visualization.

We understand that that mining operators face a wide range of challenges and while safety and environmental control remain key drivers of mining activities, the supply and management of consumables, such as water and electricity, add additional complexity to operations.

Silixa’s solutions address all these concerns.

How we help tackle the industry’s most pressing challenges


Silixa’s innovative solutions improve the sustainability of mining operations.

Our non-intrusive FiberWrap™ process metering solution not only optimizes processes and flow distribution, but also helps to achieve a sustainable balance among water supply, consumption, and environmental and operational risks.

It uses significantly less energy with no power requirement on site at the flow measurement zones.

Our seismic/geophysical monitoring solutions, given the underlying system’s ultra-high sensitivity, deliver geophysical information with higher precision and a much smaller environmental footprint compared to conventional technologies, hence are a valuable tool for exploration and monitoring in soft rock and hard rock alike.

Social licence

We help mining companies meet their legal, social and environmental obligations.

Silixa’s proven monitoring solutions ensure maximum safety and optimized productivity by providing continuous or on-demand high-resolution data that translate as actionable information to operators.

Delivering key information on assets and operations ensures minimized environmental footprint and maximum safety in operations, safeguarding human life and preventing any potential environmental damage.

Tailings facility management

By providing early alerts of potential problems, we help mine operators tackle one of the biggest challenges they face: manage water in tailings dams and maintain the safety of dams.

Statistics indicate that about 20 tailings dams fail every decade. Silixa’s innovative dam monitoring solution takes dam safety to a higher level.

The system can detect even the smallest changes in the dam structure that could otherwise go unnoticed with conventional technologies.

Water management

We understand the value and importance water serves in our society.

Silixa’s non-intrusive flow metering solution enables to measure water flows across multiple points in a mine or plant.

The real-time information on flow rates helps operators better understand how the water is being used and enables them to minimize consumption.


Safety is our number one priority.

Our solutions enable unmanned and remote monitoring operations, hence making major advances in improving health and safety in the industry.


Silixa is committed to accelerate innovation in the mining sector to make it safer, more productive and energy efficient.

By transferring our proven technologies and solutions from other industries we hope to build a bridge between the present and the future.

Our products are future-proof industrial automation solutions that have shown a significant uptake predominantly in minerals processing plants in the past few years and are posed for future growth.

We would like to hear from you

Our dedicated team, with sector-matched expertise and highly diverse skillsets, provide solutions that deliver measurable value to our clients in the mining sector. Contact us today.

Zara Anderson, Vice President – Mining

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