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Date Title Author Publication
April 2019
Mahmoud Farhadiroushan
World Oil
April 2019
P Richter, T Parker, C Woerpel, Y Wu, R Rufino, M Farhadiroushan
First Break
April 2019
Sophia Chen
February 2019
World Oil
August 2018
Mahmoud Farhadiroushan
SPE Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing for Well, Reservoir and Facilities Management Workshop
July 2018
Daniel Finfer, PhD
Copper Cobalt Africa, 9th Southern African Base Metals Conference
July 2018
Philippe Jousset, Thomas Reinsch, Trond Ryberg, Hanna Blanck, Andy Clarke, Rufat Aghayev, Gylfi P. Hersir, Jan Henninges, Michael Weber, Charlotte M. Krawczyk
Nature Communications
June 2018
Carrieann Stocks
Water Power Dam Construction Magazine
Feb 2018
 Jeremy R. Patterson, Michael Cardiff, Thomas Coleman, Herb Wang, Kurt L. Feigl, John Akerley, Paul Spielman
Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
Stanford University
Feb 2018

Kurt L. Feigl, Elena C. Reinisch, Jeremy J. Patterson, Samir Jreij, Lesley Parker, Avinash Nayak, Xiangfang Zeng, Michael A. Cardiff, Neal E. Lord, Dante Fratta, Clifford H. Thurber, Herbert F. Wang, Michelle Robertson, Thomas Coleman, Douglas E. Miller, Paul Spielman, John Akerley, Corné Kreemer, Christina Morency, Eric Matzel, Whitney Trainor Gutton, Nicholas C. Davatzes

Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
Stanford University
 Feb 2018
Doulas E Miller, Thomas Coleman, Xiangfang Zeng, Jeremy R. Patterson, Elena C. Reinisch, Michael A Cardiff, Herbert F Wang, Dante Fratta, Whitney Trainor-Guitton, Clifford H Thurber, Michelle Roberts, Kurt Feigl
Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
Stanford University
Feb 2018 Matthew W. Becker, Christopher Ciervo, Thomas Coleman
Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
Stanford University
Feb 2018 Mining Decisions
Jan 2018  SPE International
Jan 2018  Elaine Maslin  Offshore Engineer
Dec 2017 Jeremy R. Patterson, Michael Cardiff, Thomas Coleman, Herb Wang, Kurt L. Feigl, John Akerley, Paul Spielman The Leading Edge
Dec 2017 AGU
Dec 2017 Matthew Becker, Thomas Coleman, Christopher Ciervo, Matthew Cole, Michael Mondanos  The Leading Edge
Sep 2017 Acoustic sensing with much less noise Karl Jeffery Digital Energy Journal
July 2017 Pervasive metering of minewater flows and process water using distributed acoustic sensor technology Finfer, P. Newman, N. Rein, and M. Amir SAIMM Water Congress 2017
Jun 2017 An Experimental Investigation of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) on Lake Ice Ethan Castongia, Herb F.  Wang, Neal Lord, Dante Fratta, Michael Mondanos, Athena Chalari Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics
May 2017 Full-waveform seismic modelling to support VSP imaging in the Kylylahti
Cu-Au-Zn mine, eastern Finland
Marko Riedel, Kari Juhani Komminaho, Calin Cosma, Nicoleta Enescu, Emilia Anna-Liisa Koivisto, COGITO-MIN Working Group Geofysiikan Seura, Geofysiska Sällskapet


Properties of Noise Cross‐Correlation Functions Obtained from a Distributed Acoustic Sensing Array at Garner Valley, California Xiangfang Zeng, Chelsea Lancelle, Clifford Thurber, Dante Fratta, Herb Wang, Neal Lord, Athena Chalari, Andy Clarke Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America,
Jan 2017 Brady Hot Springs – A Geothermal Success Story Military Technologies
Jan 2017 Points of Light Jennifer Pallanich Upstream Online
Jan 2017 Novel cable coupling technique for improved shallow distributed acoustic sensor VSPs  Jonathan D Munn, Thomas I. Coleman, Beth L Parker, Michael Mondanos, Athena Chalari  Journal of Applied Geophysics
Dec 2016 Distributed Temperature Sensing as a downhole tool in hydrogeology V.F. Bense, T. Read, O. Bour, T. Le Borgne, T. Coleman, S. Krause, A.  Chalari, M. Mondanos, F. Ciocca, J.S. Selker Water Resources Research
Jul 2016 Data-driven depth calibration for distributed acoustic sensing  Karen Nørgaard Madsen, Richard Tøndel, Øyvind Kvam The Leading Edge
 Jul 2016  Technology Applications, Sensing System Chris Carpenter  JPT
Feb 2016 Measuring Hydraulic Connection in Fractured Bedrock with Periodic Hydraulic Tests and Distributed Acoustic Sensing Matthew W. Becker, Matthew Cole, Christopher Ciervo California State University, Long Beach, Geology Department & Thomas Coleman, Michael Mondanos, Silixa LLC 41st Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering,
Stanford University
Jan 2016 Technology Applications, Cable Orientation Beacon Chris Carpenter JPT
Sep 2015 Big oil turns to big data as oil prices plummet Katie Fehrenbacher Fortune
Sep 2015 Application Of DFO Sensing In HP/HT Wells  Mick Longton  Hart’s E&P Magazine
Sep 2015 Groundwater flow characterization in a fractured bedrock aquifer using active DTS tests in sealed boreholes Thomas Coleman, Beth L. Parker, Carlos H. Maldanera, Michael Mondanos Journal of Hydrology
July 2015 Soil Moisture and Heat Dynamics of a Vegetated Hillslope in Mill Haft, Staffordshire, UK Francesco Ciocca Silixa, University of Birmingham
June 2015 An introduction to fibre optic Intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensing (iDAS) technology for power industry applications Chris Conway, Michael Mondanos Jicable’15
May 2015 Characterization and calibration of Raman based distributed temperature sensing system for 600°C operation Sudeep Mandal ; Sachin Dekate ; Boon K. Lee ; Renato Guida ; Michael Mondanos ; Jackson Yeo ; Marc Goranson SPIE 2015
May 2015 Distributed temperature and distributed acoustic sensing for remote and harsh environments Michael Mondanos ; Tom Parker ; Craig H. Milne ; Jackson Yeo ; Thomas Coleman ; Mahmoud Farhadiroushan SPIE 2015
May 2015 Evaluation of Distributed Acoustic Sensing for 3D Time-lapse VSP Monitoring of the Aquistore CO2 Storage Site K.Harris, D. White, C. Samson, T. Daley, D. Miller, Carleton University, Geological Survey of Canada, NRCan, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Silixa LLC GeoConvention 2015, Geoscience – New Horizons
Apr 2015 Intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensing for In-well Monitoring (Pages: 13 -24) Dr. Jinjiang Xiao, Mahmoud Farhadiroushan, Andy Clarke, Rami A. Abdalmohsen, Essam M. Al-Alyan, Dr. Tom R. Parker, Dr. Janti Shawash and H. Craig Milne Saudi Aramco Journal of Technology, Spring 2015
Apr 2015 The potential of utilizing intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor and existing single-mode and multimode optical fibers for monitoring the reservoir characteristics Mick Longton GeoConvention 2015, Geoscience – New Horizons
Feb 2015 Distributed fiber sensing systems could help industry unlock geothermal energy John Vallace Laser Focus World
Feb 2015 New fiber-optic monitoring tools could help industry unlock geothermal energy Scot Gordon University of Wisconsin
Oct 2014 Silixa’s Distributed Seismic Service Expands the Applications of Seismic Acquisition Craig Milne Seismic Profile
Aug 2014 When light listens to your every step Katia Moskvitch Physics World
Jun 2014 The intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor Tom R. Parker, Arran Gillies, Sergey V. Shatalin, Mahmoud Farhadiroushan SPIE 2014
 Jun 2014 In Search of Better Reservoir Imaging Using Fibre Optic Receivers Downhole  Stephen Rassenfoss Journal of Petroleum Technology
Sep 2013 DAS enables simultaneous multiwell VSP (New system offers a cost-effective method for real-time permanent reservoir monitoring, improving overall recovery) Tom Parker Hart’s E&P Magazine
Jun 2013 Field testing of fibre-optic distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) for surface seismic monitoring  Thomas M. Daily, Barry M. Friefeld, Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, Shan Dou, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Roman Pevzner, CO2CRC, Curtin University; Valeria Shulakova, CO2CRC, CSIRO; Sudhendu Kashikar and Douglas E. Miller, Silixa; Julia Goetz, Jan Henninges, and Stefan Lueth, GFZ Leading Edge
May 2013 Silixa’s Intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor  (iDAS™) pushes the limit of seismic applications  InnovOil
Mar 2013 Sensing System Provides Synchronised Acoustic Measurments  Journal of Petroleum Technology
Feb 2013 Intelligent Acoustic Sensor  Oil Review Middle East
Jan 2013 Hearing with Light Paul Wood GeoExpro