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October 2019To Spark Real-Time Revolution, Fracture Diagnostic Firms Partner Up and Innovate
Trent JacobsJPT
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Michael Mondanos, Thomas ColemanFirst Break
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April 2019
Listening with Light
Sophia ChenSPIE
February 2019
Distributed Acoustic Sensing Using Dark Fiber for Near-Surface Characterization and Broadband Seismic Event Detection

Jonathan B. Ajo-Franklin, Shan Dou, Nathaniel J. Lindsey, Inder Monga, Chris Tracy, Michelle Robertson, Veronica Rodriguez Tribaldos, Craig Ulrich, Barry Freifeld, Thomas Daley & Xiaoye Li Nature
February 2019
Silixa Limited has launched Carina XwellXpress hydraulic fracture monitoring service
World Oil
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Kurt L. Feigl, Elena C. Reinisch, Jeremy J. Patterson, Samir Jreij, Lesley Parker, Avinash Nayak, Xiangfang Zeng, Michael A. Cardiff, Neal E. Lord, Dante Fratta, Clifford H. Thurber, Herbert F. Wang, Michelle Robertson, Thomas Coleman, Douglas E. Miller, Paul Spielman, John Akerley, Corné Kreemer, Christina Morency, Eric Matzel, Whitney Trainor Gutton, Nicholas C. Davatzes 43rd Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering Stanford University 
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Feb 2018 
A Slimhole Approach to Measuring Distributed Hydromechanical Strain in Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs
Matthew W. Becker, Christopher Ciervo, Thomas Coleman 43rd Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering Stanford University
Jan 2018

Downhole data, fiber optics helping to drive production gains

 Elaine Maslin Offshore Engineer
Dec 2017
Geothermal reservoir characterization using distributed temperature sensing at Brady Geothermal Field, Nevada
Jeremy R. Patterson, Michael Cardiff, Thomas Coleman, Herb Wang, Kurt L. Feigl, John Akerley, Paul SpielmanThe Leading Edge
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 Karen Nørgaard Madsen, Richard Tøndel, Øyvind KvamThe Leading Edge
 Jul 2016 Technology Applications, Sensing System
Chris Carpenter JPT
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Jan 2016Technology Applications, Cable Orientation Beacon 
Chris CarpenterJPT
Sep 2015Application Of DFO Sensing In HP/HT Wells
 Mick Longton Hart’s E&P Magazine
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Francesco CioccaSilixa, University of Birmingham
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Oct 2014Silixa’s Distributed Seismic Service Expands the Applications of Seismic Acquisition
Craig MilneSeismic Profile
Aug 2014When light listens to your every step
Katia MoskvitchPhysics World
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Stephen RassenfossJournal of Petroleum Technology
Sep 2013DAS enables simultaneous multiwell VSP (New system offers a cost-effective method for real-time permanent reservoir monitoring, improving overall recovery)
Tom ParkerHart’s E&P Magazine
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Journal of Petroleum Technology
Feb 2013Intelligent Acoustic Sensor 
Oil Review Middle East
Jan 2013Hearing with Light
Paul WoodGeoExpro