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Introduction to Distributed Temperature Sensing

Introduction to Distributed Temperature Sensing

Data sheets

iDAS data sheet

Ultima DTS data sheet

XT-DTS datasheet

XT DTS data sheet

Cable orientation beacon

Carina Sensing System

Ultima Single Mode

Carina XwellXpress data sheet

Heat Pulse System data sheet

FibreWrap specification sheet

Case studies

XT-DTS characterizes groundwater inflow areas to help mitigate environmental contamination

DTS improves scientific understanding of processes governing melt rates at the Thwaites Glacier

case study 100XLog Malaysia

Carina® 100XLog, well logging

Production log and VSP

Land-based VSP in Canada

Holjes Dam, seepage monitoring

Flotation Process Metering

Multizone flow metering at Anglo American’s eMalahleni Water Reclamation Plant (EWRP)

Process water metering at Mogalakwena Platinum Mine

3D geothermal reservoir characterisation in Nevada, USA

High-resolution, far-offset VSP survey with Carina® Sensing System for permanent CO2 storage monitoring in Otway, Australia

Verifying safe CO2 storage with VSP surveys at Aquistore, Saskatchewan, Canada

Carina® 100XLog diagnoses fracture designs by quantifying well production from individual clusters


Silixa corporate brochure

Carina Seismic brochure

Carina Subsea 4D

Hydraulic fracture monitoring brochure 2020

DamPulse tailings dam monitoring brochure

Carina® CarbonSecure™
CO2 storage monitoring brochure
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