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ULTIMA™ DTS – distributed temperature sensor

The ULTIMA DTS range of distributed temperature sensing systems are the world’s highest performing family of Distributed Temperature Sensors.


The ULTIMA DTS (distributed temperature sensor) offers unparalleled performance in terms of resolution and acquisition time.

Proprietary technical advances in the ULTIMA DTS enable it to surpass the performance of other DTS systems on the market with the ability to maintain both fine temperature resolution and spatial resolution while still allowing short measurement times.

Available with either 4 or 8 optical channels, the ULTIMA DTS units are optimised for spatial and temperature resolution for ranges of 2, 5, and 10 km (ULTIMA‑M) or 10, 20, and 35 km (ULTIMA‑L) with the finest temperature and spatial resolutions, from 0.01 °C and 35cm.

The ULTIMA-SM unit variation is designed to operate with singlemode optical fibre to a range of 30km, enabling access to legacy fibre installations for new measurements.

The ULTIMA DTS system is a standalone unit with an on-board PC and a user-friendly software interface which can be configured to produce both single-ended and double-ended measurements with a minimum measurement time of 1 second per optical channel.

The ULTIMA can be applied across many applications, including those in the alternative energy, mining, environmental and earth sciences, infrastructure and oil & gas sectors.

Providing temperature data with the finest available temporal and spatial resolutions, ULTIMA DTS enables informed decision making across business sectors and brings new insights in research and development.

ULTIMA DTS paired with Silixa’s custom system monitoring software can provide zonal temperature monitoring, system alarm triggering and be integrated into other control systems for critical infrastructure monitoring. Silixa’s HotWatch software allows zonal, basal, and historical DTS visualization enabling unrivalled system insight.

Why choose the ULTIMA DTS range of temperature sensors for distributed temperature sensing?

Our units offer the world’s best performance in terms of:

  • temperature resolution from 0.01°C
  • spatial sampling from 12.5cm
  • spatial resolution from 35cm
  • unique capability to optimize temperature resolution using selectable maximum measurement ranges
  • fanless operation with low-power consumption
  • enhanced data storage capacity of 480 GB
  • wide operating temperature from ‑5 °C to +50 °C
  • includes user-friendly data acquisition and DTS data visualization software

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