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Distributed temperature sensing with ULTIMA DTS

The ULTIMA DTS range is the world’s highest performing family of Distributed Temperature Sensors. The ULTIMA family offers the finest temperature and spatial resolutions, from 0.01˚C and 35cm. It is a standalone unit with an on-board PC and user-friendly software interface. The ULTIMA is available with either 4 or 8 optical channels. The units are optimised for spatial and temperature resolution for the following ranges: 2, 5, 10, 20 and 35km. The system can be configured to produce both single-ended and double-ended measurements. The minimum measurement time is 1 second. The ULTIMA can be applied across many applications, including those in the oil & gas, pipeline and environmental sectors.

There are many proprietary technical advances in the ULTIMA which enable it to leapfrog the performance of existing DTS systems. The key breakthrough is in maintaining a fine temperature resolution and spatial resolution while allowing short measurement times.

ULTIMA DTS - distributed temperature sensing

The ULTIMA DTS offers unparalleled performance in terms of resolution and acquisition time. 


1. Performance Flexibility

The ULTIMA range offers the user the flexibility to optimise performance according to the target application. This is achieved through the ULTIMA family offering the highest performance in terms of temperature resolution, spatial resolution, acquisition time and measurement range. There are ULTIMA variants optimised for the finest spatial resolution (down to 35 cm), for the longest range (up to 35 km) and for typical mid-range (5km – 10km) requirements of fine temperature and spatial resolutions (for example 0.1°C temperature resolution, 3 minute measurement time with 70cm spatial resolution over a 5km range).

2. Sensing Flexibility

The ULTIMA is offered with 4 or 8 optical channels, which can be operated in any combination of single-ended or double-ended configuration. The ULTIMA range includes variants optimised for ranges from 2km to 35km.

3. Measurement Time

The ULTIMA allows a measurement time from 1s upwards, allowing a unique view of rapid transient events.

4. Sampling and Spatial Resolution

The ULTIMA allows the user to choose a sampling resolution of 12.5cm to 2m, and offers a spatial resolution from 35cm to 2m, depending upon the variant chosen.

5. Temperature Resolution

The ULTIMA has a minimum measurement time of 1 second. It achieves a temperature resolution of 0.1ºC at 5 km in 3 minutes for a 70cm spatial resolution. Alternatively, the ULTIMA may be chosen to deliver a finer, class-leading spatial resolution of 35cm, while still achieving fine temperature resolution of 0.2°C in 3 minutes at 5km.

6. Remote operation

The system can be configured remotely via a wireless or satellite link enabling remote set up and data collection on four or eight optical channels.