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Carina® Strain

Introducing a step-change in long-term monitoring by delivering the finest resolution distributed static strain measurements

Carina® Strain, Silixa’s latest cutting-edge innovation, is a versatile fibre optic sensing system that measures absolute static strain along a singlemode or multimode fibre optic cable down to the micro-strain resolution level.

The interrogator acquires a complete strain profile with every laser shot, meaning low noise strain data can be collected with sub-second averaging times. This transformative performance is achieved by using a high-precision interferometric optical architecture, built upon Silixa’s class leading Carina® Sensing System, the precision engineered distributed acoustic sensor.

The strain data can be used for numerous applications, either independently or combined with the output from one of Silixa’s other distributed sensors — for example, acoustic signals, at the picostrain level, from Silixa’s iDAS™ or Carina Sensing System, or temperature with 0.01°C resolution using Silixa’s ULTIMA™ DTS or XT-DTS™.

Simultaneous acquisition with Carina Strain and a Silixa DTS also allows an optimum temperature correction for accurate strain measurements. Without correction, a DSS system will see a change in temperature of 1°C as a change in strain of 20με.  Adding a best-in-class DTS allows the corrected strain resolution to reach 2με.

This step change in performance is most acute in long term monitoring applications where temperature variations along the length of the fibre can vary with time, and/or where the exact point of strain build up on an asset is not known ahead of time, when selecting the best placement of a sensing technology.

Applications include

High precision distributed static strain, with resolution to 2με

  • Subsidence
  • Slopes
  • Infrastructure

Dynamic absolute strain measurements, with averaging time from 0.1s (10Hz)

  • Risers
  • Cables


  • Fine resolution, high speed, absolute strain measurement
  • Data fusion and temperature correction, when used with a Silixa DAS or DTS

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  • 4 channels
  • 35km range (compatible with the Ultima DTS, for optimum temperature correction)
  • Strain resolution: 2με
  • Spatial resolution: from 50cm
  • Sampling resolution: 20cm
  • Averaging time: from 0.1s (10Hz)
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