At the forefront of innovation since the company’s inception, we are proud to have been recognised by a number of prestigious organisations.

Queen’s Award for Innovation: Enterprise



The prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the highest accolade that a UK business can receive. The awards recognise significant achievements by businesses on recommendation from the Prime Minister.

Silixa has received the award for developing and commercialising the precision engineered Carina® Sensing System, that has transformed the space of distributed fibre sensing and has revolutionised several sectors.

This  breakthrough innovation combines the extensive, high density coverage of distributed sensors with sensitivity beyond that of point sensors. With minimal environmental impact, the system enables numerous pioneering applications that accelerate the energy transition and pave the way to a more sustainable, low-carbon future.

World Oil Award for the Best Deep Water Technology


In 2020, Silixa garnered significant industry recognition by winning the prestigious World Oil award in two categories: in the category of Best Deep Water Technology and New Horizons Idea.

The Best Deep Water Technology award was received for the company’s Carina® Subsea 4D solution, the world’s first permanent ultra HD in-well seismic data acquisition system for subsea wells which allows operators to perform more frequent seismic acquisitions at a much lower cost, enabling them to accelerate production and increase ultimate recovery.

Carina Subsea 4D represents a big improvement in the efficiency of developing subsea fields not only for hydrocarbon extraction, but even more importantly to ensure and monitor the safe storage of carbon in subsea fields.

World Oil Award for New Horizons Idea


The New Horizons Idea award was presented to Silixa for its Carina® XwellXpress solution.

This low frequency strain and microseismic monitoring service accurately locates microseismic and strain events in real-time through wireline intervention, allowing operators to improve stimulation and completion designs on the fly.

Carina® XwellXpress has been utilised in multiple unconventional plays, and has demonstrated clear value leading to increased efficiency and reduced operational costs.

Institute of Physics Innovation Award


Silixa received the Institute of Physics Innovation Award in 2015 for developing the intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor (iDAS™), an optoelectronic system which records the true acoustic signal continuously along the path of a sensing fibre tens of kilometres long. The instrument’s novel optoelectronics architecture enables digital recording of acoustic fields with a frequency range less than 1mHz to over 100kHz at every location along either a singlemode or multimode optical fibre. Measurements can be made with a spatial resolution as fine as 1 metre. Amplitude, frequency and phase fidelity allows for numerous advanced applications. The innovation has enabled a number of new applications, and has helped the world deal with some of the greatest industrial and social challenges.