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About Silixa

Our story

Silixa was set up in 2007 to develop and commercialise the next generation of optical fibre sensors. During the past decade we have become the global leading provider of fibre-powered data solutions that address the most critical measurement challenges in the Alternative Energy, Mining, Environmental & Earth Sciences, Infrastructure and Oil & Gas sectors.

With our heritage of cutting-edge innovation and technological leadership, we have been developing and manufacturing the world’s best performing distributed acoustic, temperature and most recently strain sensing systems. These leading-edge sensing technologies form the basis for a suite of our monitoring services directed towards the world’s most demanding measurement challenges.

What we do

We offer dense array data sets of the highest fidelity. They enable operators to gain actionable insight into their assets and systems to increase efficiency, enhance safety, prevent loss and extend lifespans. We do so with a significantly reduced environmental footprint.

Our answer products are complemented by premier engineering solutions and system installation capabilities. Our expertise driven approach helps us to deliver tailored solutions worldwide.

Our mission: To provide actionable insight into assets and systems to increase efficiency, prevent loss, reduce operational costs and extend lifespans.

Our values


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.


Our cooperative culture encourages rapid transfer of solutions both within and outside our business; we build trusted global relationships.


We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our operations and processes.


Our sector-matched deep technical knowledge and diverse skills, coupled with the highest possible data quality, enable us to give our customers the most accurate information.


We have a track record of rapidly converting our research and development work into customer-specific solutions for critical challenges.

Our culture

We are a diverse team of 32 different nationalities and our identities, backgrounds and talents allow us to go faster and farther. We have built a fair and compassionate environment for our employees; a place where everyone feels safe and equal.

Our culture is based on inclusion, which enhances belonging and leads to motivation and innovation.

Why choose Silixa

  • Our Carina® Sensing System gives breakthrough performance with a 100 times improvement in signal to noise ratio.
  • We are unique in offering integrated distributed acoustic, temperature and strain sensing-based solutions. Our world class technologies, with unmatched performance, have been developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.
  • We are independent providers of the highest quality distributed sensing-based monitoring solutions.
  • In our chosen markets we have embedded deep sector knowledge in our multidisciplinary teams.
  • We continue to extend the envelope by making a significant investment in Research & Development.

Our achievements

Silixa has won a number of awards for its excellence and innovation. Read more about them here.

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