Silixa LLC is pleased to announce our joint proposal “Fiber-Optic Geophysical Monitoring of Reservoir Evolution at the FORGE Milford Site”, led by Rice University, was selected to enter final negotiations for award by the FORGE Utah team.

Silixa’s leading distributed sensing based geothermal data solution will be a primary tool deployed downhole for characterization and optimization of the EGS reservoir over the 3 year project period. The ability to operate in harsh, high temperature environments and provide a dense DAS, DSS & DTS sensing array giving unparalleled performance allows Silixa’s sector matched specialist teams to deliver leading data solutions that continuously characterize the evolution of reservoir mechanics.

We look forward to working with the entire project (Rice University, California State University – Long Beach, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the University of Oklahoma, Class VI Solutions) and FORGE Utah teams to develop the tools and methodology needed to facilitate widespread commercialization of clean, renewable, base load power from EGS reservoirs.

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