Silixa is pleased to announce the implementation of PRODML DAS 2.0 from Energistics¹ in its Carina® Sensing System.

PRODML is a set of standards for handling complex data types, ensuring efficient data management between service providers and operating companies. It provides a way to share standardised DAS and DTS data sets.

PRODML 2.0 has been defined, developed and maintained by an open consortium involving specialists from member companies and organisations that are part of the global upstream oil and gas industry.

Implementation of ProdML DAS 2.0 provides us with a significant improvement in data management,” says Garth Naldrett, Chief Products Officer for Silixa. “Prior to the PRODML DAS 2.0 standard implementation we had numerous requests from our clients for adoption of their own particular file format. This was costly to support and impacted negatively on our service quality, as it increased the time taken to deliver data. We now have a single data format allowing us to quickly deliver data to customers before we leave the wellsite.“

PRODML DAS is not the only Energistics standard Silixa conforms to, the DTS range of products including the ULTIMA™ DTS and XT-DTS™ follows the WITSML standard. As well as working towards PRODML 2.1, Silixa is also involved with Energistics’ Special Interest Group (SIG) in the early development stage of a streaming standard for DAS.