Silixa co-exhibiting with Euromechanical and co-presenting with ADNOC at ADIPEC on 2–5 October 2023 in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hosted by ADNOC under the theme ‘Decarbonising. Faster. Together.’, ADIPEC is to facilitate dialogue across the entire energy sector to advance the energy transition and decarbonise operations.

Silixa supports and accelerates the energy transition in two ways. While oil and gas operations help meet existing energy demand, our solutions make sure they are as efficient, productive, and safe as possible, both on and offshore. At the same time, we apply our deep technical expertise and proven distributed sensing-based solutions to the parallel development of alternative and renewable energy sources for the long term, as well as the development of carbon capture facilities.

Our Carina® CarbonSecure™, a permanently installed, proven distributed sensing-based solution allows a step change in the reduction of the cost of carbon capture and storage (CCS) monitoring.

With minimal environmental impact, the system provides a reliable continuous or on-demand carbon capture monitoring solution for all stages of any CO2 carbon storage operation, both offshore and on land. It ensures maximum safety over the various stages of the carbon capture and storage process, as also long-term monitoring and management of the CO2 storage reservoirs while offering significant cost-savings.

To learn more about our monitoring solutions, join us at the technical sessions where we will be co-presenting with ADNOC on “Using a Permanently Installed Fiber Optic System for Water Injection Monitoring on an Onshore Water Injection Well in a Carbonate Reservoir”. The presentation will reveal the details of our recent monitoring installation in Abu Dhabi.

Our distributed sensing-based breakthrough innovations have also been transformative to reservoir & well data gathering, spanning from geophysics to well diagnostics & production profiling.

In geophysics the ability to perform seismic surveys with greatly reduced source effort and operating time is invaluable both in marine and in-land applications. The systems can also be used to monitor induced seismicity with never-before-seen precision.

In well diagnostics the pioneering ultra-high sensitivity of our systems also enables safe and responsible production by pinpointing integrity issues or leaks at an early stage.

In production profiling they can visualize entire well dynamics in real time, delivering reliable answers with shorter well logging times, significant cost savings and lower carbon footprint.

If you are attending the conference, we look forward to meeting you there. Our team will be there to answer any question you may have as well as share recent case studies with you.

We will also be presenting at the Chevron Technology Ventures’ stand during the “Company Spotlight” sessions.

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