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Silixa introducing two new distributed sensing-based innovations at the First EAGE Geophysical Monitoring Technology Conference and Exhibition on 1–4 March 2021

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Join us at the 2nd EAGE Fibre Optic Sensing workshop, part of the 1st EAGE GeoTech Conference and Exhibition, on 1–4 March 2021. We will be presenting on our latest cutting-edge innovations with the addition of our high-resolution Distributed Strain Sensor and novel Fibre RulerTM.

Mahmoud Farhadiroushan, Silixa’s Executive Director, will be one of the keynote speakers presenting on our Integrated Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing System for Reservoir and Subsidence Monitoring on 1st March 2021.

Our Constellation™ fibre enabled Carina® Sensing System, with 20dB or 100x improvement to SNR compared to standard fibre, has introduced a step change in reservoir monitoring. It enables us to accurately measure seismic velocity changes in the formation along the wellbore, monitor minute ground strain and motions on picometer scale, as well as measure the gradual build-up of low-frequency strain along the wellbore.

To add to this already ground-breaking capability, we are now  introducing two advanced distributed sensing capabilities for long-term monitoring, a high-resolution Distributed Strain Sensor (DSS) and a novel optical “Fibre Ruler”.

Mahmoud will describe how Silixa’s integrated distributed sensing systems enable to combine the time-lapsed seismic data, low-frequency strain, high-resolution static strain and the new precision Fibre Ruler data to monitor the structural changes in the reservoir, such as resulting in subsidence, and evaluate the rock “R” factor, or as we propose, the distributed Rock Index “RI” factor.

Our second presenter, Craig Milne, VP Development and Engineering, will be presenting on “Engineered Distributed Acoustic Flow Profiling Sensing Solutions” on 1st March. He will describe how Silixa’s DAS-based flow profiling solution can directly monitor flow. In its basic form, it is a useful dynamic flow assurance tool, but with further processing of the data it gets closer to a quantitative metering tool. Ongoing development has the goal to make it a rapidly deployable, retrofittable and intrinsically safe metering solution that can be daisy-chained across multiple flow zones over an extended range.

EAGE’s  1st Geophysical Monitoring Technology Conference and Exhibition is dedicated to the use of geophysical monitoring solutions and technologies in a wide range of subsurface, reservoir and production challenges. EAGE GeoTech 2021 will bring together leading experts in geoscience, reservoir engineering, drilling and data science to tackle some of the major challenges facing the industry.

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