silixa open new office in Montana

Silixa’s Environmental, Infrastructure & Mining division opens new office in Missoula, MT, USA

Due to the increased demand for Silixa’s distributed sensing-based monitoring solutions for Environmental, Infrastructure & Mining applications, Silixa has opened a new office in Missoula, Montana, USA.

With an ever-increasing burden on the environment and infrastructure due to climate change and the need to safely exploit the world’s natural resources, Silixa’s fiber optic solutions are ideal. They offer high spatial & temporal profiling over large surfaces, long lengths and at locations where conventional point sensing is not applicable or cost effective.

The company’s distributed temperature sensing systems, ULTIMA™ DTS and XT-DTS™, have been the instrument of choice for a wide range of environmental applications, such as soil moisture monitoring, thermocline profiling in lakes and oceans, seepage rate estimation in dams, groundwater-surface water interaction, and fractured rock flow characterization for a number of years. Silixa’s temperature sensing systems have also been adopted by industry for monitoring critical processes where high degrees of spatial coverage, fine resolution and accuracy, and reliability are required.

The company’s phase-coherent DAS systems, iDAS™ (intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensior) and the Carina® Sensing System, measure the true acoustic field over several kilometers of sensing cable. Acoustic data can be collected with a spatial resolution as fine as every meter, providing a denser dataset than any other traditional point sensor could offer. These advancements are utilized both in active and passive seismic monitoring. Recent advancements in distributed acoustic sensing and the introduction of Silixa’s engineered acoustic sensing system, the Carina Sensing System, have also opened new perspectives with increased geophysical surveying activities including microseismic monitoring and 4D seismic applications for enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) and CO2 sequestration.

The North American branch of Silixa’s Environmental, Infrastructure & Mining division led by Thomas Coleman will focus on continued improvement in services to support increased demand in core application areas, while also facilitating the adoption of distributed sensing for emerging applications across a variety of industries and applications.

The new office is a testimony to the company’s commitment to finding and providing solutions to pressing challenges faced by both industry and the environment.

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