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Alternative energy

We support and accelerate the energy transition by applying our deep technical expertise and proven distributed sensing-based solutions to the alternative and renewable energy sector.

Silixa has been devoted since its foundation to the environment, earth sciences, and industry through innovative and advanced monitoring solutions and is ready to leverage this experience for alternative and renewable energy development.

Our services enable operators to harness alternative and renewable energy resources in a cost-effective and safe manner with minimal environmental footprint.

They do so by delivering accurate intelligence on assets for fast and reliable decision making.

Silixa offers a full suite of innovative fibre optic sensing-based solutions, including active and passive seismic, microseismic, acoustic and temperature-based downhole and reservoir monitoring applications.

Why Silixa?

The unmatched extra high sensitivity and precision of both the acoustic and temperature sensing systems enable us to acquire data with unparalleled precision, which form the bases for our remote and autonomous monitoring systems. They deliver accurate information to the operators to enhance safety and efficiency while keeping the cost components under control.

Carina® Sensing System, the precision engineered distributed acoustic sensing system that delivers a 20dB or 100x improvement in signal to noise ratio compared to other existing DAS systems, has enabled pioneering monitoring applications, including passive seismic monitoring, which are only possible with this breakthrough performance.

As the sensing element is the fibre, multiple measurements can be acquired on the same fibre through the life of the asset.

How we support the transition

In geothermal applications, Silixa’s fibre optic monitoring systems provide sophisticated information on rock mechanics and hydrology at work, hence maximizing production of electricity from geothermal wells.

Delivering detailed information on fracture networks means hydrothermal reservoirs can be operated more efficiently, and enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) harnessed to expand the geothermal sector as a whole. This can lead to the scalable deployment of renewable base load power generation from geothermal on a broader scale.

The unmatched precision and repeatable large scale permanent reservoir monitoring capability make Silixa’s systems a natural fit for hydrates monitoring, which are of interest from both environmental and economic standpoints.

Silixa’s multi-application solutions for the industrial, earth sciences, and subsea oil/gas sectors offer benefits for wind energy development as well. Deep technical expertise combined with large scale capital project knowhow and capability for monitoring over extremely long ranges are well suited for the offshore wind sector.

Biofuels production is often coupled with generation of CO2. Carina® CarbonSecure reservoir monitoring can be deployed to both reduce emissions and improve project economics.

How we help tackle the industry’s most pressing challenges

Environmental footprint

The environmental benefits are most noticeable in seismic applications. This is due to the Carina Sensing System’s industry-leading performance as it has no requirement for specialized heavy equipment or large seismic source vessels when acquiring geophysical data.

It maps the subsurface with minimal source effort in significantly less time, visualising the subsurface in unparalleled detail and supreme clarity. This has invaluable environmental benefits as it allows to extract or utilise resources safely and efficiently.

All Silixa equipment have minimal power requirement and by enabling remote and autonomous monitoring they further reduce the carbon footprint by eliminating, or at least reducing, the need for manpower on site.


Safety is our number one priority.

Our solutions enable unmanned and remote monitoring operations, hence making major advances in improving health and safety in the industry.

Social licence

We help operators of alternative and renewable energy plants meet their legal, social and environmental obligations.

Silixa’s proven monitoring solutions ensure maximum safety and optimized productivity by providing continuous or on-demand high-resolution data that translate as actionable information to operators.

Delivering key information on assets and operations ensures minimized environmental footprint and maximum safety in operations, safeguarding human life and preventing any potential environmental damage.

Operational Efficiency

The same fibre optic cable can be used for multiple applications from exploration, through production and condition monitoring, to passive monitoring.

Delivering key information on assets increases operational efficiency, which will positively affect trading activities on the energy market, keeping alternative and renewable energy prices competitive.

We would like to hear from you

Our dedicated team of engineers, geophysicists, software developers and other specialists, all with many years of sector-matched expertise, will help you tackle the industry’s most pressing challenges.

From consultancy, through design and installation works to remote support, we will  deliver our world-class integrated solutions to help you achieve the highest level of efficiency and safety in your operations. We will do so with a reduced environmental footprint. Contact us today.

Michael Mondanos, PhD
Vice President – Environmental and Infrastructure

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