Wind power is the fastest growing renewable energy source and one of the most economical solutions for electricity generation.

Silixa’s cutting edge fibre optic acoustic and temperature sensing-based monitoring solutions enable power grids to operate with optimized efficiency at the highest possible safety level while offering substantial commercial benefits.

Reducing costs, improving performance with distributed acoustic and temperature sensing

Silixa’s range of distributed fibre optic sensing technologies, including temperature (ULTIMA™ DTS and XT-DTS™) and acoustic (iDAS™) monitoring, coupled with the company’s integrated approach secure reliable asset monitoring.

DTS delivers real-time temperature data continuously along the fibre optic cable detecting hotspots and thermal bottlenecks. This translates as actionable information so that operators can optimise the performance of their assets and predict potential failures before they even occur.

The application of Silixa’s iDAS technology can allow operators to listen for the sound created by partial discharge. It can also detect unplanned activity on the network’s critical transmission links, hence providing early warnings of such events.

Subsea power cable monitoring

In  a subsea environment it is challenging to monitor the day-to-day health of the power distribution infrastructure. Due to the complex installation and operating conditions, as well as the high cost of repairing subsea cables, preventative maintenance and condition-based maintenance can deliver large savings.

Installing distributed fibre optic sensing-based monitoring technologies for continuous monitoring of cables and substation assets offers multiple technical and commercial advantages.



Accurate, long-term or on-demand, resilient monitoring throughout the entire operation of the cable lifespan

Step change in monitoring costs reduction

Silixa Wind solution enables significant cost savings that are normally measured in millions of dollars and can assist in fault detection as cables begin to degrade?


Utilising existing fibre optic cables within the power cables, Silixa solution requires no additional cabling to be deployed.  This reduces the environmental impact and overall project costs.

Societal acceptance

As a proven technology with a significant track record throughout the value chain, Silixa solution offers the reassurance needed to encourage greater use of cable monitoring worldwide.


Permanent installations ensure high repeatability and continuous data availability without need for intervention.

Full automation

The system can be fully automated, enabling unmanned and remote operations.

Low maintenance

Fibre-optic cables have no mechanical parts and are suitable for corrosive and high temperature environments. They can be installed without maintenance requirements for decades, in line with mandated cable monitoring periods.

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