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The integrity of our world’s infrastructure can be ensured through the application of Silixa’s proven fibre optic solutions.

With the ability to leverage a single fibre optic cable installation for multiple simultaneous monitoring applications, we offer a suite of distributed fibre optic sensing solutions that increase safety and reduce costs.

Infrastructure is the backbone of our economy, providing mobility, energy, water, waste, and communications services that we rely on every day.

Whether new construction or retrofits to existing structures, our solutions and services enable integrity monitoring of assets such as dams, bridges, and pipelines and optimisation of processes and such as at petrochemical plants and datacenters.

Thus, using smart fibre sensor powered systems safety can be increased, longevity extended, and assets and processes optimised.

Why use Silixa’s solutions – breakthrough innovation

The unmatched precision and accuracy of our acoustic, temperature, and strain sensing systems allow us to acquire data of unparalleled quality. Sector matched expertise and proprietary data analyses solutions enable both direct measurement and indirect measurement parameters to be captured reliably and repeatedly, thus, time-lapse analyses can be utilised whether it be for the strain or temperature change, or alterations in seepage flow or seismic velocity.

Carina® Sensing System, the precision engineered distributed acoustic sensing system that delivers a 20dB or 100x improvement in signal to noise ratio compared to other existing DAS systems, has enabled pioneering monitoring applications, including passive seismic monitoring, which are only possible with this breakthrough performance.

As the sensing element is the fibre, multiple measurement types can be acquired on the same fibre through the life of the asset. Silixa’s expertise in high temperature and harsh environment installations enables challenging applications to be monitored at a level of detail previously unconceivable.

Infrastructure monitoring with distributed sensing

In dams, Silixa’s systems provide the seepage flow and strain across the structure in real-time. Time-lapse passive seismic using ambient noise or active source seismic surveys allow for structure scale imaging to identify internal erosion or piping in embankments.

Geotechnical structures such landfills as can be monitored in detail for movement and high temperature propagation. Seismic monitoring for earthquakes and induced seismicity can reduce the risk to structures and excavations. Shear wave surveys and direct strain measurements using fibre optic sensing can be used to improve slope stability.

Datacenter uptime can be increased using temperature-based power cable monitoring, and efficiency optimising through monitoring detailed thermal dynamics of server cabinets.

Critical pipelines for waste transfer or at process plants provide a risk to human life and the environment. Real-time monitoring for leaks, hotspot development, or strain can mitigate this risk and eliminate the need for costly capital construction to reduce risk through physical barriers. Process optimisation through vessel skin monitoring of temperature or acoustics is achieved through insights gained into process dynamics.

The health of bridges, tunnels, and highways and other critical infrastructure can be monitored for hazards and movement to mitigate failure mechanisms before risk is increased to unacceptable levels.

How we help tackle the industry’s most pressing challenges


Implementing a reliable monitoring system that is able to identify damage or deterioration that occurs during the life of an asset at an early stage enables operators to prevent failures, potential loss of life and environmental damage.

Regulatory compliance

We help operators meet their legal, social and environmental obligations. Our proven monitoring solutions ensure maximum safety by providing continuous or on-demand high-resolution data that translate as actionable information to operators. This enables them to safeguard human life and prevent potential damage.

Environmental footprint

All Silixa equipment have minimal power requirement and by enabling remote and autonomous monitoring they further reduce the carbon footprint by eliminating, or at least reducing, the need for manpower on site.


Our infrastructure monitoring solutions reduce operational and management costs as they promote pro-active maintenance. The distributed nature of measurements enables monitoring with extra high precision over long length. This enables operators to detect potential problem areas before costly failures or damages occur.

The same fibre optic cable can be used to acquire acoustic, temperature and strain measurements. Also, there are no maintenance costs associated with the sensor element, the fibre itself.

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Our dedicated team, with sector-matched expertise and highly diverse skillsets, provides solutions that deliver measurable value to our clients in the infrastructure sector. Contact us today.

Michael Mondanos, PhD
Vice President – Environmental and Infrastructure

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