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Geotechnical monitoring

Silixa’s integrated distributed sensing-based geotechnical monitoring solutions offer an unsurpassed level of insight into geotechnical processes to improve decision making, mitigate risks, reduce cost and help operators comply with regulatory requirements.

Our distributed acoustic (DAS), temperature (DTS) and strain (DSS) sensing systems provide a reliable solution to monitor ground and structural movements, water seepage, and natural or induced seismicity.

Why use distributed sensing for geotechnical monitoring

The distributed nature of the measurements means that a single fibre optic cable can be converted into a dense array sensor with thousands of measurement points. High density DAS, DTS and DSS data can be collected along tens of kilometres of optical fibre simultaneously.

The complete spatial and temporal coverage allows us to identify potential failure events before they occur, hence enabling operators to mitigate risks.


  • Deformation, settlement, subsidence, strain, breach
  • Slope stability
  • Seepage flow
  • Vibration and noise
  • Soil saturation and density
  • Erosion processes

Silixa’s dedicated team of experts will deliver a complete solution whatever your geotechnical monitoring needs, from design and installation works through data acquisition and interpretation to remote support.



The large spatial coverage and low power requirement make the system a cost-effective solution to any geotechnical monitoring needs. As the fibre is the sensor and it includes no electronic or moving parts, it requires no maintenance.

Heightened safety

The system enables autonomous data acquisition and wireless communications, enabling remote operations, minimising the need for manpower at site. The  system offers continuous monitoring with unprecedentedly detailed insight into assets and processes.

Our cloud-based real-time monitoring platform can be set up as an autonomous alarm system.  This minimizes potential risks.

Flexible operations

Our geotechnical monitoring solutions are suitable for harsh and high temperature environments with no requirement for power at the sensing locations.

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Focus areas

  • Dams
  • Tunnels
  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Bridges
  • Deep excavations
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