Surface and borehole seismic monitoring

Silixa’s Distributed Acoustic Sensor (iDAS™) and Carina® Sensing System provide DAS data with unrivalled quality for seismic surveys.

For borehole surveys cables can be clamped to the outside of production tubing, cemented into the casing annulus or conveyed into the well as a cable intervention. Dense spatial sampling on cables kilometres long enables data acquisition without aliasing.


High-quality imaging capabilities

DAS has a broadband response with a noise floor similar to, or exceeding, geophones. Combined with dense spatial sampling the allows high-quality seismic imaging of the subsurface.

Flexible deployment

Fibre-optic cables can be temporarily or permanently deployed, remaining operational for years. They may be buried at the surface or installed in boreholes. The technology can be used in harsh and high-temperature environments and is suitable for surveys in both soft and hard rock.

Improved interpretation

With one cable DAS measurements can be combined with temperature (DTS) and strain (DSS) measurements to facilitate enhanced interpretation of geological structures, and hence improve exploration efficiency.

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Imaging with VSP surveys
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