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Our innovative solutions accelerate the energy transition to a more sustainable future by enhancing efficiency, productivity and safety in both onshore and offshore operations.

Digitalisation and reduction of environment impact are key drivers in oilfield and energy operations.

Recognising our customer’s desires to reduce the environmental impact of their activities, we have created cutting-edge distributed fibre optic  solutions to generate the answers needed to increase the efficiency, productivity and safety of critical well operations and workflows.

Better data means better decisions

Silixa has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception.

We have been developing and manufacturing the world’s best performing distributed temperature and acoustic sensing systems since 2007. These leading-edge sensing technologies form the basis for a suite of our geophysical and other monitoring services directed towards the world’s most demanding measurement challenges in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Our answer products are complemented by premier engineering solutions and system installation capabilities.

Our key differentiator – unmatched performance

Our drive to tackle global challenges compelled us to push our limits and as a result we have developed Carina® Sensing System, the precision engineered distributed acoustic sensor.

It has introduced a breakthrough in performance, delivering 20dB or 100x improvement in signal to noise ratio compared to existing DAS (distributed acoustic sensing) systems, and it has unlocked several new basin-specific solutions that have not been possible before.

In 2020, Silixa earned industry-wide recognition by winning the prestigious World Oil Award in The Best Deepwater Technology and New Horizons categories.

How we help tackle the industry’s most pressing challenges

Cost efficiency

The unmatched performance of the Carina Sensing System enables us to deliver significant cost-savings by offering seismic applications with greatly reduced source effort and operating time without compromise in data quality.

The reduction in cost is most prominent in permanent seismic applications. In marine seismic applications the reduction in costs can be in the millions.

In in-well applications, a permanently installed fibre optic monitoring system will give access to actionable information throughout the life of an asset. This translates as reduced operational costs (OPEX). Eliminated downtime can also be measured in the millions.

For intervention operations, similar value can be obtained using the Carina 100xLog; a highly efficient retrievable FO system which provides real-time displays of data acquired instantaneously along the entire well depth.

This reduces the downtime on typical intervention operations and ultimately saves on production deferrals.

In shale operations, Silixa’s Carina®-based solution can dramatically alter the ultimate recovery with a variance of 30% or higher.


Silixa’s leading edge solutions increase safety by providing an effective way to monitor wells, reservoirs and other assets, even in remote and harsh environments, with unprecedented accuracy.

Delivering actionable information derived from the highest quality densely distributed measurements, continuous in time and distance along the fibre, ensures higher reliability with less chance of inaccuracies and negative environmental consequences.

Proactive well surveillance to detect leaks or undesirable well conditions that may have severe environmental, safety and legal consequences if left unchecked.

Unmanned and remote operations contribute greatly to improved site safety.

Production efficiency

The range of data applications possible with distributed sensing means that the same optical fibre installation can provide the user with actionable information throughout the life of the well. Access to the highest quality seismic, well productivity and integrity answers as part of a permanent monitoring strategy offer a clear return on investment.

In intervention-based in-well applications the breakthrough advancements in DAS technology introduced by Silixa allow for greater sensitivity and faster recognition of parameters that describe well performance. This enables us visualise entire well dynamics in real time and to diagnose complex flow regimes and leak paths that conventional technologies struggle to quickly identify.

Ultra high-definition DAS and DTS can be acquired along the length of the wellbore simultaneously. This eliminates the need for multiple passes of time and depth-matched logging significantly and reduces the logging time.

Environmental footprint

The environmental benefits delivered by our breakthrough innovation are most prominent in seismic applications. The ability to perform seismic surveys with greatly reduced source effort and operating time is invaluable from the environmental point of view in both marine and in-land applications.

The pioneering ultra-high sensitivity of the system also enables safe and responsible production by pinpointing integrity issues or leaks at an early stage, before they raise an environmental concern.

The system can also be used to monitor induced seismicity with never-before-seen precision, ensuring the environmental safety of unconventional shale operations.

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Vice President
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