Join us for our presentation at the Fibre Optic Sensors in Surface and Borehole Geophysics Workshop (WS08) at EAGE 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark on 11 June 2018 at 9.00 am.

Our presentation, titled “Seismic and Microseismic Detection Using a Wide Dynamic-range Distributed and Engineered Fiber Optic Acoustic Sensor”, describes the rapid development of the fiber optic acoustic sensing technology that seeks to disrupt the conventional geophysical surveying methods and enables the realisation of new applications where the fibre optic cable can be easily utilised as a dense wide-aperture phase-array sensor.

In offshore applications the permanent installation of fiber optic cables along the production and injection wells enables more frequent and cost-effective distributed seismic data to be acquired on existing single mode and multimode fibers using our iDAS™.

In unconventional wells, in addition to seismic and microseismic measurements, the low frequency response of the DAS system down to milli-Hertz is used to monitor the hydraulically induced strain effect in offset wells that can provide valuable data for improving the understanding of the rock properties and determining the fracture heights.

Silixa has also recently developed the next generation Carina® Sensing System that combines the properties of engineered Constellation™ fiber with low-noise and wide dynamic-range opto-electronic interrogator to achieve significant improvements in signal-to-noise performance, beyond the performance of geophones.

We will also present some initial results demonstrating the feasibility of deploying the Carina Sensing System for long-offset subsea wells.

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