Silixa announces that Anna Stork joins the company’s UK branch in the capacity of Senior Geophysical Analyst, effective immediately.

Anna joins Silixa with 15+ years’ experience in seismology research and microseismic monitoring. Having worked for the University of Bristol, she specialized in using Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and hydraulic fracturing industry data to develop microseismic event detection and ambient noise tomographic techniques. Her work has been published widely in academic and industry forums.

“I am very pleased to welcome Anna to our team,” said Glynn Williams, Silixa’s CEO. “Over the course of the coming decades, as the world moves towards lower carbon energy, it will be more important than ever to embrace innovation, which has always been the foundation of Silixa.

We are dedicated to being part of the solution to the climate change challenges and I am confident that Anna’s expertise will drive our commitment to delivering highly reliable monitoring solutions in the area of Carbon Capture and Storage, the only technology available today that has the potential to capture greenhouse gas on large scale.

Our engineered distributed acoustic sensor, Carina® Sensing System, with its ground-breaking performance, ensures maximum safety at any CCS facility during all phases of the sequestration process by providing reliable, continuous monitoring. Anna’s aim is to exploit the full potential of the system through developments in passive seismic monitoring techniques for CCS and other environmental applications.”

Anna holds a Master’s Degree in Physics from the University of Manchester, a Master of Science degree in geophysics from Durham University and a Doctorate in Seismology from the University of Oxford.

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