LONDON, 13 September 2021 – Silixa is pleased that it was today announced as one of 8 new founder members of the recently-formed Geothermal Energy Advancement Association (GEAA).

GEAA is a not-for-profit stakeholder-driven association that advocates increased investment in and awareness of this sustainable source for zero-carbon power, heat, and hot water. GEAA aims to promote geothermal, its future role, and the necessary policy and legal frameworks needed to accelerate its use. It is open to all those interested in advancing geothermal energy and its role in helping transition to a Net Zero world using less petroleum.

Geothermal is an abundant, constant, clean renewable energy source that is present naturally underground everywhere on planet Earth. It is totally independent of weather. With increased investment, and a wider understanding of how geothermal energy can be used, geothermal can become a key part of a global low-carbon future.

Founder Members include energy companies, universities, institutions, and professional services. Earlier this year, GEAA announced 6 Founding Members. Today, we are pleased that they announced a further 8 Founding Members, each a leader in understanding and developing geothermal energy.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Chair of the GEAA Board, Chris Sladen, said: “Today is a great step forward in advocating geothermal as one of the solutions to the global climate crisis. Our Founding Members are not just passionate about geothermal, they have the skills to develop solutions, and they have the skills needed to explain these solutions. I am particularly pleased that we have universities, energy companies, institutions, and professional services all working together to advocate a world of lower carbon energy with geothermal as a central solution to key energy challenges”.

Glynn Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Silixa added. “We are very pleased to be joining the GEAA, and its illustrious list of members, to further drive awareness and promote the uptake of geothermal energy globally. Silixa’s market leading distributed sensing systems provide unmatched quality data that form the basis of the integrated monitoring solutions required for geothermal installations, further enhancing safety, efficiency and environmental performance.”

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